Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another uniformed dog killer runs amok.

Philadelphia Cop Kills Dog by Running it Over In Front of Owner, Then Tells Her It “Isn’t a Child, It’s Just a Dog.”


William Munny said...

“Isn’t a Child, It’s Just a Dog”

Oh really?
Sure about that?
"They're just like a normal partner to us and it's like losing one of our own brothers or sisters," said Riverside County sheriff's deputy Robert Ochoa.

Anonymous said...

“It isn’t a Child, It’s Just a Dog” - Yet they get angry and violent whenever someone says "It a person, it's just a cop" after one of them gets killed.

It's a bloody miracle that more cops haven't been killed by dog owners in defense of their dogs or in retaliation for the cops killing their dogs. Although I don't think that trend will last much longer because I think we're entering into an age where police abuses will be met with violent retaliation more frequently (it might actually force them to calm down since nothing else seems to work).

Anonymous said...

They had a freakin parade for a cop dog in a nearby town. Parade. And people turned out in droves to wish him farewell on his way to be put down. Look I love dogs, but this horse shit about cop dogs being different special more awesome is just a fucking fairy tale they tell themselves. It's like #blacklivesmatter bS. All dogs matter. Stay clear of Philly cops, they do not play.

Jack Crabb said...

NWA was/is right.

Anonymous said...

Government agents will increasingly become more callous and inhumane as Governments power over the people strengthens. A dog is nothing to them unless it is "one of their own", people barely receive humane treatment anymore.

Democide will accelerate in the USA.