Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hey Fibbies. Just so you know, I'm working on a story about the FBI's political misuse of the NICS system for the purposes of official harassment of regime opponents.

Have a nice day, Mr. Secret Political Policeman.
And as for my readers, if you have experienced persistent, unwarranted delays in approval of 4473s, please contact me. Remember, cockroaches and rats have an allergic reaction to the light.


Arkindole said...

I'm hoping you have a part on why the hell BATF is copying the books of every FFL/dealer I seem to talk to down here. Different cities; different counties; same thing.

Josh said...

I'm guessing it's all going into the big fat fed file of who to raid when given the green light.

Anonymous said...

Between choke point and barb boxer actually publicly touting the "need" for a national carry permit - the fix is in. The UN small arms treaty now "agreed" to (Kyoto style) means simply that the controllers have ZERO intent upon turning back on their plan of civilian disarmament. Expect this - estates will increasingly be robbed of firearms after a death and their plan of attrition will be in full play. Our best defense there is to make sure there's a plan in place for time of passing (and I'm not talking about a will!). A physical possession plan is necessary to combat the already in play confiscation plan (hence the need for permit lists whether they be purchase based or carry based).

Nemesis said...

....'cockroaches and rats....' Love it!

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Funny how that goes....... The depeepening mire that is the BATFE is just getting....deeper! Why are they doing this??? There's no rhyme or reason for the escalating of the abuse of their power. As George Carlin once said,"Why does a Dog lick his Balls??...Because, he can!" Same goes for "Them!!!!"
Got Gunz...OUTLAW!!!,