Friday, August 14, 2015

Making the Klan's case for them. "Black Rage?" If so, it is an increasingly impotent rage because after 50 years the rest of us no longer care to play the game.

The latest in a long line of racial collectivists celebrates "The Rebirth of Black Rage."
"(T)he resurgence of black rage in the political sphere is finally ready to make America face its racist past and present. Or burn it down trying."
Riiiight. Scare Whitey into sending more corruption money to the ghetto. It always worked before, right? Unfortunately for the country and race relations, this extortion no longer possesses the juju it once had, causing the rest of us to ignore all -- some of it very real -- white racism because we recognize these demands for the doppelganger black racism it represents. (I've written about this before in "A moment of truth in a local thrift store.")
These racial collectivists are making the Klan's case for them by adopting their frame of reference. And it is deliberate, make no mistake. Just as the Nazis and the Communists claim to be polar opposites and the natural enemies of each other, as Dr. Richter convinced me a long time ago, they are merely both tribes of collectivist cannibals arguing over who gets to eat the corpses of innocents. In this case, the Klan and the black racists agree that one race is more (pick a word) superior, deserving, better than the other and deny the rights and basic humanity of the other.
But if this is the latest example of "black rage," it is an increasingly impotent black rage, reduced in the final analysis to limp-dicked screaming. We are told that we must care or they will "burn it down trying." Such threats alienate anyone else of the "wrong" racial background and desensitize them to any demands they may have. Why should we care if they "burn it down" if it is their own communities they are burning, looting and killing in? This is the natural result of such perverted reasoning. By following the logic of "Black Lives Matter," the rest of us can conclude that other lives, including our own, don't matter. Such logic leads to Rwandan style genocides. One might as well chant "Only Tutsi Lives Matter" or "Only Hutu Lives Matter." The Klan, for its part, argues that only white lives matter. Neither bunch of this current crop of racial collectivists agree that ALL lives matter.
And if these "Black Lives Matter" racists become disposed to bring their burning to other neighborhoods, they will run into heavily armed Korean grocers and some very pissed off white folks (not to mention middle class black folks who fled the ghetto to get away from precisely this kind of crap). And don't forget the Hispanics, legal and illegal, who have never been very fond of black folks, even on their best day.
I despair for my country at the prospect of this largely three-sided race war that seems to be developing, but such is the power of the collectivist media narrative that I don't know how it may be countered without the killing of many, many deluded people. May the Lord have mercy upon us and spare our country this horror.
But that's not the way to bet.


Anonymous said...

The blacks are full of rage! OMG, what will we do?..I think I'm going to take a nap right now, that's what I'm doin'...Let their "liberal" bedfellows in the city worry about it..

Anonymous said...

I call it convenient rage. "Black lives matter" Blame the police for killing black men.

Take a look at the crime stats at who is the true threat to black men.

I will give you a hint it's not the police!

All of this rage and outrage is turning people who at one time would have been concerned to no longer supporting the nonsense that is going on today!
They are on a very slippery slope and they better be careful.

Anonymous said...

Ah, "Black Rage." See also,

"Racism made me rape dem bitches and steal dat TV set and I can't be held responsible because racism caused me to have a diminished capacity to distinguish between right and wrong, I'm no more a moral actor or a moral agent than an animal or an inanimate object is, and this is inherent and unchangeable in my nature" is an idea they've been peddling very, very hard since the 1960s.

If I take them at their word, if I BELIEVE them, if I buy what they're selling me, who's the "racist?" Me, or the guy using it in court as a legal defense, telling me that he can't be held responsible for a mass murder because he's not even human in any meaningful sense of the word?