Friday, August 14, 2015

And you thought that Obama's "war on coal" was the only front in his attacks on American independence and prosperity?

Barack Obama’s quiet war on oil.


Anonymous said...

By destroying all of the different energy business's then what we will end up with is only the greens will be able to finance political campaigns any longer therefore they will be able to promote their agenda without opposition. And what is that agenda do you ask?

Googling "Agenda 21, the Green Movement, UN and the Communists" is very revealing....

When tyranny is law
Rebellion is duty!

Comrade X

Doug Rink said...

Obama and his administration have quietly stood on the sidelines while the Saudis have used predatory pricing to crush America's formerly rising oil drillers. We're now a year into the assault, yet Washington DC sits in silence.

It's not just the drillers being crushed, but the related manufacturers who supply gear to the drillers. Cities and towns where oil drilling had recently brought economic booms are now facing major economic contractions.

If Obama's Iran Nuke deal goes through, Iranian oil may also add to the glut, inflicting deeper damage on the American industry.

Gone are any notions or priority of energy independence among the power brokers in Washington DC. Not only is the Obama regime making the Middle East more unstable, it is putting America at risk by once again placing us at the mercy of Middle East oil producers.

And please, don't give me the "free markets" defense. The Saudis are engaged in a predatory, economic war to "preserve market share." They're dumping oil to crush American drillers. Once American competitors are off line, or permanently crippled, the Saudis will again gravitate to higher "market" pricing. Even as oil prices rise, American drillers and their investors will be slow to rebound, in part because they know the Saudis could simply repeat the process, and crush them all over again.

black rifle said...

and as oil tumbles, gasoline stays the same and or goes up? I don't get it.