Friday, August 14, 2015

Opinion piece calls POW/MIA flag 'racist hate;' suggests it be taken down

Don't y'all know that the only approved "anti-racist" flag has the hammer and sickle on it?


drjim said...

What is wrong with these people?

This is not the country I was born into 63 years ago.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
It was just a matter of time. The POW's and the MIA's (if any still alive???) are not here to defend I guess I have to ante in my 2 cents worth..... I was just an old "White Hat Sailor" back in those daze but I survived....but I can say," this is the last straw!!" There are too many names on the wall.... and some that since we don't have the "documentation" are not there ..............yet! This dude may as well be pissing on their dead faces!!!!! I really hope he is enjoying his "15 minutes of fame!!" ........"'I Could be one of those 'guys'........"Except for the 'Grace of Fortune' Go I"......I Guess he is trying to Piss on me too!! That's OK......To Him I say, In the words of Leroy Grumman's twin tailed F-14 "Tomcat" the logo showing that "Tomcat, in the corner of the Boxing ring, 'Gun Belt on,' a big "Grin" on his face and ....the comment...."ANY TIME BABY!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Can someone do me a quick favor? Somebody please beat the livin' shit out of that asshole Perlstein? Or maybe knock some brains into his head please?

Arkindole said...

I listened to a commenter yesterday when this nerd-child was trying to explain his racist theory (which he did not). Basically, it was suggested that his angst was some sort of latent 70's antiwar mentality popping out, as if the dude just exited a time capsule dug up from either the Berkeley campus or UC Davis. I suppose if the protest children of the 70's in LA and Chicago had discovered the term "racist" it would have been employed much better then--and, we would not be going through this galactic bullshit now.

BTW, this guy who originated the issue is way too young to even know about that Vietnam war. Not specifically his fault because they erased it in textbooks in the late 80's and his tribe doesn't know how to search Google.

Anonymous said...

I recently added the Stars and Bars to my flag collection. Now I'm trying to decide if it's safe to run it up my front yard flag pole.

John Stark said...

Mike, you forgot the rainbow flag. That is the new swastika, the new hammer and sickle.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess - the author studied under the Kremlin mouthpiece John Mearsheimer. Worthless agitprop in Putin's "Special War".