Friday, August 14, 2015

Of course. "Waco Biker Autopsies Released…Without Ballistics Reports."

With those questions still unanswered, this latest development can only further fuel conjecture that information is being withheld for reasons other than the potential to taint a jury pool. Among new concerns are why the ballistics tests, on what appears to be a local law enforcement matter, have been taken over by a federal agency. And why, after almost three months, ballistics testing has not yet been completed and reported — especially after ATF pledged this case was “being given top priority over other cases.”


Anonymous said...

I posed this question at WRS; What exactly is the meaning of, "No More Free Wacos".

I believe that is a quote from you, Mike. I am not being smarmy, but really, I think we are far past (more than 20 years since Claire Wolfe's book came out) "too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards".

It was a full 2 years after the Davidian mass murder, until all the evidence (that had not been destroyed or withheld by the feds) was available for review...congressional hearings for show and no one was ever held accountable. Everything was swept under the rug, the ATF and FBI got more toys and bigger budgets. Anytime the matter comes up it is a distant memory of some religious kooks with guns and the feds needed to do something, though "mistakes were made". The Feds in that case were also given the opportunity to fabricate a false flag, on the anniversary, to turn popular sentiment against the growing "militia movement", by killing a bunch more babies and other innocents and lying, destroying evidence and withholding evidence and continuing to position themselves as the great defenders of our freedom.

What does it mean? When is enough enough? At what point do the people say the line has been crossed? We have reached full WROL. It is here and it is now.

KPN 3%

Anonymous said...

There is only one reason to refuse to release ballistics. Too much truth will come out. Some are talking about the notion that it was the cops who did the killing, and I suspect that is true to a point, but I don't think that is the kicker. I have the gut feeling that what started it all was a undercover armed with what will turn out to be a fast and furious weapon.

Here is why I say this. I am thinking set up of a set up of a cover up of a set up all being covered up. The cartel shot callers figured out there was a UC and armed with a gun they knew was walked. The one attempting the set up got set up- if nothing more than on a suspicion he was a nark. I am betting the UC fired the first shot, possibly after being called out, and the cops went full bore assassins after that.

Fair enough, I am proposing from the gut emotion here, but it all fits. Wait for the eventual "evidence was somehow lost" excuse coming, cuz there is no way that this administration is going to allow the truth about what happened in Waco THIS time to come out any more than a particular prior one did last time. The outcome? They get ANOTHER free Waco..............

Anonymous said...

Mike, your the only one I am aware of that's ever done shit and brought it to the SoB's! well, kinda, i'll leave it at that.

SOSDD.....Different year for that matter concerning this topic
Nothing will happen to the Murderous cops, why, Know one gives a shit about " Bikers" or those that don't "Mindlessly Capitulate" to LE.

Let's face it, HONESTLY, We are Slaves! Period! FACT

No one will give up there Mall Shopping, Family, Streaming Porn, Family Vacations, SAT TV, Lives, etc etc etc. Sure as hell not for Bikers! right!

Most if not all, that read at this site ,and others were Trained,Taught,Brain washed, etc etc as children...
NEVER Go after Authority ,at least not in a Meaningfull Manner.

This story is all but Gone,just like F&F, just like Waco, just like Ruby Ridge, just like all the others.

If America had to fight for her Independence as in 1770's, She would never come to be. FACT
Sorry to be a SoB but I have been Watching and Listening to this crap for the better part of 40 yrs.....
And I ain't seen SHIT! FACT! Hell we can't even stop the slobs crossing the border!

Sorry but I am just sick of all the Arm Chair Blather.
That Lump under the Carpet, YUP, it's about to get even BIGGER! FACT!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything anonymous at 4:48 said. People in this country ether don't no or don't care what is going on as long its not their ox getting gourd! If or when they ever do figure out something is very wrong in this country they won't have anything left to fight back with. Sheep never were known to put up much of a fuss when they are taken to slaughter anyway!

Anonymous said...

IF this story is true ( the whole biker murdered by cop deal)..theres going to be hell to pay , because those boys hold a grudge.. every one of those cops now have a target on thier back and the bikers will pay to find out who they are

when cops start missing work because they are found face down in a ditch , and no one knows why .. some will know exactly why

I will wait to see if this ever comes to truth , it will prove to me weather this shit ever was real to begin with or if its some CIA BATFE FED wet dream