Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cop default position: When in peril or in doubt, first shoot the dog.

WV State Trooper Aims Gun At Dog, Shoves Woman Around


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Thx for the heads up on this cop-geek!! At least he got "Taped!" I'm surprised he didn't try to shoot the girl too!! 'Can only wonder how all this is going to work out for the Girl and "the Dog!!!?"
Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!,

Sean said...

When things get sporty in this country, Pigs like that are going to die. And they won't be missed.

Anonymous said...

If a LEO points his gun at my sweet, gentle dog, I would likely try to place a round between the LEO's eyes, in defense of my dog. I'm sure that would put me in prison or on death row, but that's the way I feel about my dog. At the very least, I would order the cop to holster his gun before he paid a price he wouldn't want to pay. I have all but lost respect for cops these days, anyway. Many of them are simply lawless thugs.