Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Is Bob Owens weakening his open carry opposition?

Oath Keepers Plan AR-15 Open Carry March With Ferguson Residents.


CB said...

Bob Owens has a track record that is "squishy" on its best day.
I'm sure the NRA would give him an A rating, but then, isn't that the grade Harry Reid was given?
"With friends like this", etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Methinks Benedict Arnold should have been forgiven because of all of the good things he did too, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

To me, a grade from the NRA (especially an A grade) is a Scarlet Letter.
Owens is seeing that his anti stance on open carry is exposing him as just another tool of the controllers. Face it, Bob, your forced concealed carry/open carry ban support makes you a gun controller of the worst kind, one who tries to couch his controlling ways in "compromise".

Bob knows full well that concealed carry is a government permission according to "case law". He knows that open carry is a matter of right, again as a matter of case law. that MEANS that Bob argues for carriage to be a controlled permission - a right banned. To any extent he "softens" his position is simply because people are calling his bullshit what it is - bullshit - and he can't make a case to the contrary.

Carl Stevenson said...

How could his position get any "weaker"?
We'd all be better off if he'd just shut the hell up and go away into obscurity.