Tuesday, August 18, 2015

'Do we think the riots and racial wars will stop if more come?'

Immigration: Issue of the century.
The issue is joined, the battle lines are drawn, and the GOP will debate and may decide which way America shall go. And the basic issues – how to secure our borders, whether to repatriate the millions here illegally, whether to declare a moratorium on immigration into the USA – are part of a greater question. Will the West endure or disappear by the century’s end as another lost civilization? Mass immigration, if it continues, will be more decisive in deciding the fate of the West than Islamist terrorism. For the world is invading the West.


TotC said...


There are many things upon which we see eye to eye, but this is not one of them. How do we deport 11 million people? We'd have to hire an entire staff of people whose only job was to detain & deport these folks. It is estimated that this cost would be $200 billion. What kind of fiscal conservatism is that? I thought the idea was to shrink the size and scope of the federal leviathan, not increase. No when, DHS only spends $20 billion a year on immigration enforcement, and it could balloon to ten times that much, at the cost of the deficit and the US taxpayer, thanks, but no thanks.

Anonymous said...

The USA is being treated as a NON nation, a place absent any laws or Citizenry. It is being treated as the worlds playground - as if no such thing as an "American" exists. We are all just immigrants, so the corrupt tell us.

Piss on that noise. I stand as an American, a natural born American, to say, simply, that this is my country, along with my countrymens' country, and I will FIGHT for it in word and deed. Either enough will stand alongside me and others or enough will not. I absolutely believe that America rises or falls NOW! This time is the turning point. Either the people of this country stand up now or they never will. Sure, there will eventually be a uprising at some point in the future but it won't be America they win, it will be something else. The time to save our founders republic is now - or never.

Anonymous said...

Congress, as in both of the currently controlling (for now at least) political parties, promised the American People the Simpson-Mazzoli (1986) amnesty would be a one time never happen again amnesty. They also promised that the border would be brought under control and that companies would be required to verify that all of their employees were eligible to work in the United States.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me!

Even the some of the Obamabots are starting to wonder when their $5,000 a year ACA Bronze Plan is going to become "free".

And then the political movers and shakers wonder what's happening with all the support for Trump and Sanders!

Mandate of heaven? We don't got to cho you no mandate of heaven!

Anonymous said...

The West/U.S. have been done for my lifetime anyway, te equivolent of multiple gut shots left untreated!

Anonymous said...

"There are many things upon which we see eye to eye, but this is not one of them. How do we deport 11 million people?"

We didn't import them. They came on their own. They can and will go home the same way if and when we ever get the balls to shut off what drew them here in the first place:

1. Jobs

2. Welfare benefits

3. Citizenship for their "anchor babies"

Anonymous said...

How do we deport 11 million illegal aliens? Well one by one, of course! What a cop out to a false premise kind of question! They came here one by one, they can leave here the same way. Besides, as soon as each one detained as illegally here and deported, many will leave on their own. Add to it the removal of all taxpayer funded subsidy and then remove their ability to work, and the vast majority run to the border faster to get out than they did to come in! As for those born here to illegals- sorry for their plight, but the fault for their plight belongs to the illegal parents. Can you say "under the jurisdiction of"?

The talking heads may not want to deal with that phrase, and neither may the politicians, but it is time to have that conversation and end this drama once and for all.

Anonymous said...

I would not quote, nor trust Buchanan, at all.
He lends nothing to legitimate arguments against open borders.

Unless you're of the white supremacist ilk, then he is your man.

ag42b said...

Interesting to see Frank Sharry's name. A name one might believe common, but it rang a distant bell. I checked, and the man is the same one who lived one street away from me in my youth. Even then, he had the arrogance of the gifted athlete, the financially secure, and appeared to have some "purpose", which I understood would not be realized until adulthood. We were not friends, or in the same circles. I had thought in youthful ignorance that his destination might have been the priesthood. I still had a lot to learn. There was money there, but I did not know what else lurked.

Sharry's biography reads like the typical third world apologist. To them, those of use who call America home apparently owe something to immigrants, although their motivation and reasoning are never openly specified. I believe their "goal" is to dilute the country we know, because somehow, they don't like it, or us. They are to be replaced with something we would not recognize, or like to live in.

I didn't study at Princeton, or travel to many exotic lands. When I see the damage caused to other, smaller nations, by immigration policies similar to those advocated by Sharry's organization, it becomes disturbing. Our families are apparently not going to be allowed to enjoy the peace and fruits of our labor, but are going to have countless millions of foreign peoples and ideas foisted on us by privileged elites.

These are people who do not assimilate into our culture and history, but wish to foist their culture and history on us, because we are not "worthy". To them, our world view is "wrong", what we want is "selfish". Is it wrong to want a better life for our families, and descendants? Is it wrong to want our borders secure and our country safe? It is to them. Their needs are already met.

I believe the time has come to say no to the third world apologists, and those who believe American citizens share some "guilt" because they live in a healthy and prosperous nation. Their immigration plans are wrong. They want to change our nation because of some guilt trip they were infected with at university. No country can survive hordes of people from different cultures, who want to live the life they led before, but in our country, and expect us to bend over backward to accomodate them. One does not stay in a lodging with the expectation of metamorphosis of the landlord. We are bombarded with media accounts of immigrants drowning or camping roughly in places they do not want to live, in hopes of moving to the specific"land of gold", which only exists in their minds, fueled by mass media fiction or unusual circumstance.

Stop illegal immigration, "anchor babies", and all similar nonsense, or we will be forced to accept the socialists' collective guilt, and lose our country forever. Let the would-be "saints" find a way to work to reform the other nations, feed and educate their people, and do not accept guilt, where there is none. Let those who feel guilty expiate it by reforming the world's "bad" countries, not bring their inhabitants here. Let the "elites" know that they are only that in their own minds. This country is of, by, and for the people who live here. We will decide who is allowed to enter and stay, not them.

TotC said...

"We didn't import them. They came on their own. They can and will go home the same way if and when we ever get the balls to shut off what drew them here in the first place:

1. Jobs

2. Welfare benefits

3. Citizenship for their "anchor babies" "

And how do you propose exactly to shut off those jobs? Do you expect the government to do it? bwahahahahaha!! When illegal immigration is roughly 3% of the population, you'd expect some regulation or law to zero in on that low of a figure? And, please don't ask the free market to do it. It will work around the regulation. Wait, I know, we'll add to the overcrowded prison system and jail those evil money grubbing business owners for daring to keep their costs low.

Anonymous said...

It may cost 135 billion to deport the 11 million, but it costs $100 billion EACH YEAR for them while they are here..... spend it and get it done.

TotC said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It may cost 135 billion to deport the 11 million, but it costs $100 billion EACH YEAR for them while they are here..... spend it and get it done.

Care to cite a source?

Chiu ChunLing said...

Personally, I don't have a problem with 'undocumented aliens' or whatever we're calling them this week. I would address the specific problems of:

A. Border Security. Let's face it, there are way too many people in this world who want to kill "Americans" (or 'privileged' whites) for us to not be careful about who gets into the geographic territory where most Americans live. I think that there is something to be said for avoiding international policies which feed anti-Americanism, but the simple fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the "Death to America" sentiment is purely irrational on the face of it (oddly, this means that most of what we could do to get people to like us more would be to act a lot less nice...the problem is just how much less nice Americans would be comfortable being).

B. Violent Crime. That is to say, crimes against the persons of Americans. My basic position here is that if we catch a non-citizen violent criminal, then it just isn't practical to apply the same legal protections we afford citizens. I think that deportation to a country which will administer an appropriate punishment should be a given for any violent crime committed against an American by a non-citizen. And don't say there is no such country...there's always Sharktopia, after all (I know, I know, this is a "third-world regime" solution, but so is breathing air rather than radiator fluid).

C. Property Crime. If non-citizens are engaging in theft, fraud, or vandalism, then they're worth rounding up and deporting outside of our (secured) borders. At the very least, a nice long walk/swim/crawl will alter their incentives to commit minor crimes. I include attempts to claim parental rights over U.S. citizens (or conversely, the attempt to claim citizenship rights for those not subject to U.S. laws) and draw on assistance programs meant for U.S. citizens as being property crimes. I suppose I could make a distinction between major and minor property crimes here, but they're all property crimes.

But if someone who happened (okay, we know it doesn't just "happen", but bear with me) to walk across an imaginary line in their wanderings about the Earth wants to live in peace and support themselves by their own labor and ingenuity while engaging in free exchange with Americans, then I don't see any need to get huffy if they happen to be doing so within the borders of the United States without the permission of the FedGov. Really, I think that the FedGov should be less intrusive in the lives of citizens too...and I don't see anything good coming out of a massive, systematic effort to identify the citizenship status of absolutely everyone living here. Leaving aside whether rounding up and deporting all the non-citizens is a good idea, I don't buy that the FedGov will do a good (or even good faith) job of correctly identifying citizenship status and leaving citizens alone.