Saturday, June 13, 2015

Well, isn't this precious?

A call to join the Farrakhan racist army.
I guess they haven't read this.
"When I see these black racists of Farrakhan's bunch talking about wanting a race war I'd say they haven't looked at how the numbers stack up. Because let me tell you something about white folks at their worst. When they get scared that people are trying to kill them just because of who they are, when they get pissed off along racial lines, they don't tear up their own neighborhoods or burn down their own communities like y'all do. They come to the neighborhoods of the people who threaten them and burn THEIR communities down and kill
They have burned down whole CONTINENTS. And if you don't believe me, just ask the Indians."


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
As General George S. Patton once said,"May God have mercy on my enemies,...because I won't!!! ........(give or take a word or two)........and in case any of these "Geeks" don't know because they can't read..........he was a "WHITE MAN!!!!" ...Anyone remember WWII??
Got Gunz.....OUTLAW??

Uncle Elmo said...

Calypso Louie says 'Come home from the White Man's War and fight the White Man.' Figures.

Don't miss clicking on the links in Louie's Instagram message. Apparently the Rachel Dolezal story is just misdirection to distract America from white police brutality in McKinney, Texas.

I smell Soros money.

Anonymous said...

Well I will just have to express my cultural heritage, we are Viking, Scots and Irish with a little Cherokee Indian thrown in there. Valhalla only allows the brave to enter. Sort of like fighting the good fight till the end in the Christian telling. I know how the Scots handle things. One story, historically documented, is William Wallace riding against a fully armored heavy horse opponent with lance. He took a light mount and nearly no armor with an axe. Wallace broke the axe splitting the helmet of his adversary to the shoulder. He jokingly stated that he broke a perfectly good axe. I guess you know who won...

Lightly armed fast moving and better maneuvering was able to defeat a shoe in, by every other evaluation. This is also the tale of 4th Gen War.

As Forest would say, "Stupid is as stupid does" :)

Keep your tomahawk sharp and your powder dry....

Phelps said...

First of all, for actual sharp end Infantrymen, blacks only make up less than 9%, compared to 13% of the population. For every black soldier that "comes back to fight" 9 white soldiers will come back to fight him.

Expand the fight to the civilian population, and it gets even worse for black people. Figure on military ages males as 15-44. I can find the numbers broken down by age but not by sex, so we'll assume 50% for both totals are male (and that will be within a percentage point or two.) That means you are looking at 43 million white MAMs and 8.6 million black MAMs.

The total prison population overall in America is around 2.5 million counting both sexes and all ages, so even if a million black MAMs are in prison, it doesn't change the basic lesson. There's five white MAMs for every black MAM in America. Those white MAMs are better educated, are more likely to have military infantry training, are more likely to have civilian paramilitary training, are wealthier, have more stable support networks, and have a higher average IQ.

Black America can not win an all out race war. At best they can wage a guerilla war (as they are currently doing.) Taking it conventional is suicide.

CowboyDan said...

Native American Indians or Asian Indians?

Do you know why the capital of India is called NEW Delhi?

Because the British burned Delhi to the ground after some of the natives expressed dissatisfaction with the British plan for the political future of the country.

All Indians have valid complaints against the English.

Anonymous said...

Guess Calypso Louies bunch haven't figured out that being a minority means there are fewer of you than them.

Dakota said...

More proof that we are being sucked into a "race war" to be fought in our streets .... started by a racist POTUS and Justice Dept and a lot of lazy assed people in Congress who must have a very terrible FBI file or they would actually do something to stop this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Why not just whack the idiots promoting all this disharmony? The average black guy and the average white guy have few actual qualms, and even fewer worth killing or dying over fighting against each other.