Friday, June 12, 2015

Liberty For All Activist Anthony Bosworth needs your help.

Anthony has a status hearing coming up on the 18th in Spokane on his "failure to comply with a lawful order" charge stemming from his detention by DHS thugs at a rally in Spokane. He is currently represented (poorly in my estimation) by a court-appointed attorney. Mindful of David Olofson's tragic experience, we need to get Anthony better counsel. Several Washington state so-called gun rights attorneys have turned up their noses at the case (with one actually suggesting that we contact Alan Gottlieb or the NRA, neither of which would be unhappy at the prospect of an outcome of Anthony ending up UNDER the jail. We are left looking for a Spokane-area civil liberties attorney licensed to practice with experience in the federal system as well as the money to retain him.
At the moment we do not have a P.O. Box for folks to send donations to, and one will be forthcoming. The online address for donations is:
In the meantime, if you wish to contribute anonymously, just send me your contributions and I will forward them to Anthony Bosworth c/o Liberty For All. And if you have any suggestions for a Spokane-area attorney, let me know as well.


bondmen said...

Flipped a coin or two into the kitty there in Washington State.

We stand together or we hang together! It's up to US.

Denny Jackson said...

Attacks by the state must be defended by challenging jurisdiction. No court may move forward with a case until evidence sufficient to establish jurisdiction has been presented by the prosecutor to a neutral judge (good luck getting one of those). That evidence must show how their constitution and "laws" apply to you just because you're in their territory, which is what they claim and firmly believe. You may even believe it yourself--most people do (erroneously)--but beliefs and opinions don't matter in a court of law, only evidence supporting those opinions does.

You must absolutely refuse to move on until this evidence has been provided, which it won't be because there is none nor could there ever be (see Lysander Spoooner's No Treason). The judge will go ballistic, throw a fit and jump in the middle of it, threaten contempt and attempt to intimidate you into submission, but DO NOT GIVE IN. Keep objecting until the EVIDENCE is provided. Jurisdiction is everything. Without it there is no authority. No other issue may be entertained until jurisdiction is established by evidence provided by a competent witness.

You most likely will have to make this challenge yourself pro se as almost no lawyer will be willing to challenge a judge, whom lawyers look upon as gods and live in fear of them. A defense lawyer is a whore who makes his/her living at the pleasure of the judge and this incompetent zero will warn you against "pissing off" the judge, as if this psychopath who thinks he literally owns you must be mollycoddled into granting you favor instead of simply weighing evidence as a neutral party. You don't care if the judge gets so pissed off he/she has a heart attack, you have only one goal: to get the hell off that legal battlefield in one piece. Don't meekly settle for opinion, DEMAND EVIDENCE.

All this goes double in an administrative hearing regarding a regulatory action because such only applies to government employees and contractors, not private citizens. If you are an employee or contractor, demand evidence of jurisdiction anyway to take the lead in presenting an aggressive defense against these predators.