Saturday, June 13, 2015

All things old are new again. Or, don't these collectivist bastards ever have an original idea? Full circle -- The same people who started out trying to attack handgun ownership in the 60s are, surprise, trying to attack handgun ownership.

Anybody here besides me old enough to remember that the Brady Campaign was originally founded as the "National Council to Control Handguns?" And then they changed the name in 1980, and for the next 20 years it operated under the name Handgun Control?
Remember back when the '68 Gun Control Act was supposed to be about "Saturday Night Specials," the racist term for cheap handguns that poor black folks armed themselves with? Well, as proof that collectivist bastards never have an original idea, now we have this: "Congressional Democrats introduced a bill Thursday that would implement a more restrictive process for obtaining a handgun nation wide." As the story observes, this "bill comes less than a week after woman was murdered while waiting for gun under similar restrictions."
Here's the text of this regurgitated excrement: Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act of 2015.


PO'd American said...

All things are new again.

PO'd American said...

All things are new again, and again, and again and again.

CowboyDan said...

In 1976, I was registered s a D. I was young and I lived in Austin. It seemed the only way to be.

I got an organizing letter from Handgun Control, Inc., and I think a Kennedy relative signed the letter. I didn't join, but might have if I'd had the money.

By now I would have quit them, but I might have joined them then.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mike, some of us do indeed remember. Especially those of us a year or two older than you. I've been following the attempts of the antis for a long time and you are absolutely correct: their tactics (demonize guns and gun owners) and strategy (eliminate guns from the 'demons' - that would be individual Citizens) have essentially remained the same. The only substantive changes have been in some of their methods, ie leveraging modern media technology etc. Of course the willful complicity of the lame stream media has helped them immensely in their 'messaging'. Wee try (somewhat successfully) to fight the good fight using facts and logic, they use emotional appeals which tend to work extremely well in manipulating the low info (or just plain intellectually lazy) types.