Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pencil neck collectivist Neiwert wets his pants: "Antigovernment Extremists Gather at Oregon Capitol to Protest New Gun Law."

Some of the comments are about what you would expect.


Anonymous said...

Reading those comments by some is like a walk through "Fantasy Land"..

Lisa said...

Good morning! :-)

The sad and ugly truth about the Southern Poverty Law Center is that they've become the very thing against which they preach; i.e. an institution of hate and intolerance.

Southern Poverty Law Center adherents routinely engage in rhetoric and hyperbole in order to drum up sympathy and support for their statist agenda of big government running everyone's lives the way S.P.L.C. sees fit. The great service that S.P.L.C. and its ilk provide is to remind us that progressives, neo-liberals, indeed collectivists as Michael is so fond of saying, and other such so-called tolerant people are only tolerant as long as we agree with them.

And, since the S.P.L.C. is reading this (you know you are), if you had any integrity at all you would properly describe us as anti-big-controlling-government, not anti-government. I think many readers of Michael's blog are perfectly happy to embrace the limited government created by our Founders and properly restrained by our Constitution. Oh, wait, that would mean telling the truth, which would be just too inconvenient for you S.P.L.C. types. Very well, carry on with your propaganda. No doubt there was an S.P.L.C.-like organization extolling the virtues of King George III's government while admonishing our Founding Fathers' "treasonous" behavior as those courageous Americans struggled for liberty against daunting odds during the 1770's.

Thank you, Michael, for all that you do. I'm sorry to say that I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that our struggle culminates in the Second American Revolution. But, life is like that sometimes. I don't like it, but that's the way it is.

Much love,


Uncle Elmo said...

SPLC Headline: 'Government Extremists' used to describe 2nd Amendment advocates.

First comment I read: "Why can't more of the US be like Ferguson or Baltimore, where the protesters understand their rights, are unarmed and are disinclined to violence?"

Do these people ever self-reflect? Did this person miss the part about businesses being torched, or the little detail about two cops being shot in Ferguson? Do they believe there is a 'right to destroy', as the Mayor of Baltimore does?

These people are so far down the rabbit hole up is down.

Unclezip said...

I'm on it, Mike, but the stupid on that site is overwhelming. After a few replies, I feel a need for a shower.

Unclezip said...

Another note: I have yet to see any mention of the rally in any Oregon media. The big story today is the angst over a cat declawing ban.

Anonymous said...

They are already deleting pro-gun comments over at the splc. lmao!!!


Anonymous said...

Now the splc comment section is down to 71 posts from 101! LMAO!!! This is rich, I love it!! They can't win, so they delete comments. jejejeje!


Unclezip said...

Every one of my posts - for the most part logical and reasonable, have been removed from that site. They just will not cotton to anyone arguing with them. Just boycott the site entirely.

HappyClinger said...

How about "Anti-American extremists gather in Washington, DC to erode Constitutionally-protected rights of American Citizens?" Where's THAT headline? I'm sick of them.