Monday, June 1, 2015

Tragedy. Press Release from Liberty For All in WA state.

The thing about LFA in WA state that stands out in my mind (having worked with them now since December last on a number of armed civil disobedience actions) is their situational awareness and nose for spotting trouble a long way off. This was the case with Roy H. Murry. I well recall when this loon first came to my attention when I was briefed at the time by LFA and how professionally LFA handled the matter. Now it seems they were tragically right on the money. Army veteran who ran for state senate in Washington accused of killing 3 in-laws, then torching home to hide evidence. Here's LFA's press release on the case:
LFA III% was horrified to learn of the triple murder this week in Colbert, WA. We also learned that Roy H. Murry was arrested and charged with shooting his mother-in-law, her son, and his stepfather-in-law.
Murry has never been, nor is he now, a member or associate of LFA III%. We became aware of him through mutual contacts and realized immediately that he was unstable, associated with groups diametrically opposed to LFA's mission and belief system, and that his goal included potentially violent encounters with law enforcement at the February 7 rally in Olympia.
Prior to the rally, LFA provided Washington State Patrol with an intelligence report offering evidence of credible threats and malice against the WSP and Rep. Matthew Shea. We believe, based on available intelligence, that Rep. Shea's family was also at risk.
While at the rally, we coordinated with WSP to ensure that Murry was not in attendance and planned to assist WSP in detaining him as a threat if he was spotted.
We are saddened by this tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers go out to Murry's wife Mandy.


rexxhead said...

A tragedy for Murry's family; an averted tragedy for LFA. How much worse for all of us had LFA blindly accepted him as a somewhat eccentric supporter?

Anonymous said...

"In excerpts from the interview published Monday, Vaughn said he supports the right for people to have a gun in public “full stop, not just in your home” and that the Second Amendment is “not about duck hunting” but “to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government”....

FedUp said...

I've long believed that a tragic loss of life can occur in a natural disaster, in an accident, or even in wartime, but death due to murder or terrorism is an atrocity, not a tragedy.