Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Communist Art Acevedo Kills Constitutional Carry In Texas

As for the law makers who listened to communist Art Acevedo, you are communist scumbags along with Art Acevedo. Every politician who allowed or in any way encouraged or advocated such a sellout of liberty is not only a racist, bowing their knee to Jim Crow laws, but a waste of the very space your bodies occupy. You are worthless as men and leaders of men, preferring to relinquish your God-given duties to protect the rights of all men in favor of acceptance by other men. You have exchanged good for evil, and continue to support a totalitarian government in both idea and statute, and God will have His day for you in the final white throne court. You who worship men rather than God – that will be a terrible day.


PO'd American said...

What do you expect, Austin is nothing but the San Fransicko of Texas? Publish the names of every weasel bastard that voted to sell your rights down the river for their political comfort. Names and addresses, photos would be a nice touch too.

Anonymous said...

Or, in the alternative, they disagree with you, your take on the second amendment, your irrational belief that god gave you the right to have a giant gun and brandish it in public. That could also be the case. You know, you might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Build the gallows.......we'll need it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike!: Once people understand that the government can't prevent or control the 2nd amendment. the people will stop asking for permits, to something the constitution already gives us permission for. If the people need permission to carry weapons; more than likely they don't have the balls to use them. Keep up the good work!

Alberto Alcala'