Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Man, I love my local thrift stores.

Stopped by the thrift store yesterday and found these two little gems-in-the-rough. Since they were paperbacks they only cost me ninety nine cents apiece (less my old-farts-discount).
Here is the first title in pdf.


Anonymous said...

And why do we need schematics on building our own crude machine guns?
Here's why:
"The administration-ordered persecution of Tea Party groups shut down the movement in time to save President Obama's reelection and starve Republican Mitt Romney of the 4,262,296 votes needed to take the White House, according to an explosive new book from tax foe Grover Norquist."

I don't know about you, but to me, this alone is reason enough to start taking out liberals...starting with that commie bitch Lois Lerner!

Anonymous said...


In the library now!

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Uncle Elmo said...

"Man, I love my local thrift stores."

You must be related to my bride, Mike. That's where she gets all of my 100% cotton t-shirts (90% of which have American Flag themes).

It pays to be thrifty!

CowboyDan said...

Book one looks interesting. I got to Ch. 5 before I had to put it down.

I look forward to Book two when you get it done. No hurry.

HappyClinger said...

Grover Norquist is an enemy of this country. I won't be buying his new book.

Anonymous said...

"Very Interesting"

Anonymous said...

I see that the Home Workshop Prototype Firearms is going for $81+ on Amazon. Good find!

Anonymous said...

So envious I am. ;-]

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the download. I can see where it could prove useful.

My Argentine friends recall what the Montoneros could produce.

Anonymous said...

Plans exists: pirate bay, wiki weapon project, defense distributed cad files, ghost gunner. Its all out there gents.