Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Liberals Claim Blood Will Run in the Streets After the New Law Republicans Just Passed

Liberals have begun freaking out over the passage of this bill. Take for instance liberal commentator Jesse Berney, who wrote that this law will make blood run in the streets, because everyone apparently has the desire “to be the next Chris Kyle.”


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Think Jade Helm's Bad? Wait Till You Hear About This Police Force Made on the Heels of JadeHelm



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While Oregon Democrats stood with Gabby Giffords and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to push expanded background checks on April 1, Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer stood for the law-abiding citizens whom the checks will target by describing the gun control push as “borderline treasonous.”

Palmer also made clear that if the Democrats pass the measure there is zero chance of his office enforcing it


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Ya know, after all of the states that have passed concealed carry and Constitutional carry - and NONE of them have had the results that the hoplophobes dream of, one would think they just 'might' get a clue. Not gonna happen of course since that is the only thing they can think of. Never mind that the violent crime stats in all of those places have been going down. Facts don't matter to them...............

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I would like to welcome the citizens of Kansas to enjoy the rights we in Vermont have enjoyed since 1777, first as a republic, afterward as a state.

Permits have never been required for firearms here, and none of the "problems" the collectivists trumpet have happened here. We are the safest state in the nation, and firearms from Vermont are 4th from the bottom in being recovered at crime scenes in other states.

Anyone, including foreign nationals, can carry a pistol or revolver concealed or not.

Our only laws state no firearms in courts, correctional institutions, and schools without permission (many hunter safety classes take place in schools).

You cannot carry a loaded rifle or shotgun in a motor vehicle, so you will not be tempted to poach deer.

No blood running in the streets or any of that scary stuff. Many cops don't even get excited if someone exercises their rights. by walking with a rifle.

If this small, rural state, with a high rate of alcoholism can do it, other states can too.

If you are carrying, you aren't scared, and scare tactics won't work. There might be a few Zimmerman-type cases at first, until the criminals realize it isn't safe to cause confrontations with anyone.

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We have tests cases for the so called "blood in the streets" argument currently in multiple states. As crazy Uncle Joe would say "its malarkey".

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"Blood in the streets"
"Wild west shootouts"
"OK Corral"

We've been hearing that crap from the anti-gunners since the mid-80s when Florida became a "shall issue" state.

Ain't happened yet.

B Woodman

Jimmy the Saint said...

Oh noes! Things will go all Wild West! You know - that period time where "wild" and "violent" towns had fewer shootings in a decade than modern Chicago does in a weekend.....