Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Citizens have become prohibited persons for less than what Hillary allegedly did

Seeing as how people have been killed with blunt and thrown objects, would Hillary feel justified having her armed Secret Service detail use all force necessary to protect her from someone coming at her with a lamp?

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FedUp said...

Remember how Bill used to like to jog around DC when he was president?
Well, his current jogging path in NY takes him past a streetwalker's corner.

On a slow day at work, she yelled out her price to him: "$150!"
Bill, never having paid cash for nookie in his life, yelled back "$5!" as he jogged past. It became an ongoing thing between the two of then, the hooker yelling "$150" and Bill yelling "$5"

Then one day Hillary decided that jogging would help both her stamina and her physical appearance for the upcoming presidential campaign, so she told Bill she'd be jogging with him from now on. Bill was apprehensive, what would his wife think about the hooker?

It turned out to be much worse than he feared. As the Clintons approached the hooker, she hollered: "See what you get for five bucks!"