Thursday, April 2, 2015

D.C. gives up total carry ban to focus on ways to deny permit applications

Thwarted by the courts from enforcing an outright ban, District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine will concentrate resources on defending laws designed to deny concealed carry permits, his office reported in a Wednesday press release.


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to find out how many "regular" DC residents got any permits.

Probably all went to politicians, their servants, and the well connected.

Anonymous said...

DC should be hit with a curve ball. Sue for the overturning of the outright ban on on open carry. They are admitting here with this move that they won't have any resources to avail -as they try to save "may issue".

Home rule in the district is much the same as state rule over the Second. There can be no home rule OVER enumerated rights!!! Not at the village level, the district level, the county level, the state level or the federal level - that IS THE POINT of ENUMERATION and SCOTUS flat out ADMITTED exactly that!

Let's face it openly people. There is no legislative solution. The highest firm of legislation - constitutional amendment- STILL doesn't force government to relent. As such, there can be no executive solution executives cannot strike down legislated laws after veto authority has passed and it cannot lawfully create new laws. Our last line rests with the judiciary and that is where ALL of our efforts should be focussed.

There is no groundswell of legislative support for constitutional carry - there is only a semblance of it by folks knowing full well that judicial remedies are unstoppable after heller and McDonald and smart pols understand that they can lose their gun control or they can lose their gun control AND spend large amounts of money trying not to lose.

Some claim "we might lose" unless we have the perfect case with the perfect plaintiff and perfect which I say we actually win TRUTH about our governance if the judiciary refuses to relent. Indeed, we gain undeniable proof that the constitution means exactly SQUAT if they refuse to relent.

Abandon the NRA and its state preemption. Abandon the SAF and its "of course government is empowered to issue permission slips for rights, adding poll tax like demands alongside other "qualifications" up to and including means testing". Enough is enough.