Thursday, April 2, 2015

That old skunk-in-church feeling. With an update. (Well, that WAS quick.)

Sent: Thu, Apr 2, 2015 6:02 pm
Subject: THIRD REQUEST: need confirmation for press credentials for convention
Anybody home at Fairfax?
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Cc: dcodrea
Sent: Tue, Mar 31, 2015 6:18 am
Subject: Reminder: need confirmation for press credentials for convention
Haven't heard on my original request, so let me repeat:
This is to request press credentials for the Nashville convention. My name is Mike Vanderboegh. I am a citizen journalist and have been credentialed previously. I operate the blog Sipsey Street Irregulars and was one of two writers (the other was David Codrea) who broke the Fast and Furious scandal story on the Internet in December 2010. (Reference: Chapter Two of Sharyl Attkisson's recent book, Stonewalled.) I was also responsible for linking up whistleblowers like John Dodson with the Senate investigators and with Ms. Attkisson of CBS. The rest, as they say, is history.
My contact information is: PO Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126. My cell phone is REDACTED.
Please confirm as soon as possible.
Mike Vanderboegh
NOT-SO-VERY-MUCH-LATER: Just sent that and got this one immediately back at me:
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From: Arulanandam, Andrew
Sent: Thu, Apr 2, 2015 6:05 pm
Subject: Re: THIRD REQUEST: need confirmation for press credentials for convention
You and David are confirmed - as you have been for prior years. Sorry for the delayed response.


ag42b said...

Glad you and David got them. It will be interesting to read the reporting. Is a tuxedo required to attend the festivities?

Anonymous said...

On the seeking credential front -

Gun grabbing Christie just now decided to PARDON that poor black single mother from Pennsylvania who had a carry permit from her state and dared to travel to another state while exercising her right to carry. Sadly, he pardoned her to AVOID seeing his states vicious gun control hampered. And he thinks he gets second amendment credentials for presidential run in return for this waaaaay late pardon? Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

The NRA function to which you refer is not called a "convention". It is called "Annual Meetings and Exhibits". That is per The NRA's by-laws. It is never called a "convention" in any NRA publication.

Anonymous said...

Some ideas for the liberty movement's eyes at the NRA convention.

An update on the Norquist ethic's investigation (when will it be complete and who's doing it) that the NRA says they are doing would be great.

The NRA screwed up on the WA state 594 election; that's water under the bridge now but are they going to repeat that in the upcoming 594 like Nevada election? Will they "really" be engage in Nevada or will there only be a token effort again (I know 500k sounds like more than a token but a cool million more would have made a big difference in a media buy)?

How committed is the NRA in starting the fight in the states against the anti gun forces who are putting their issues on the ballot, we all know that the NRA likes buying congressman and Senator's which we need but the local grassroots needs help against Bloomberg too.