Thursday, September 5, 2013

More militarized police thuggery in Chicken, Alaska to (I kid you not) check water quality.

Gold miners near Chicken cry foul over 'heavy-handed' EPA raids


SWIFT said...

This raid in Alaska is over the top. It reminds me of the chicken shits here in Pennsylvania who pulled a SWAT raid on an Amish farmer. Whoever believes that this is militarized training for the coming event; I'm with you. Of major concern to me is, what is the mentality of those who would participate on the SWAT Team in the first place? Then, the inevitable lies that they produce to cover their asses. Excessive force can be resisted and I find it sad that the victims of all these raids didn't "light up" the neo-nazi's. The wolves in our society are not going to stop and appear to have the blessing of those appointed to head these agencies. Hope and change?

Anonymous said...

If I lived in the area and knew where these little chicken shit storm trooper's office was located, I would be plugging up their sewer pipes. A little concrete powder down the sewer clean-out plug would give these Nazi's a new perspective on "Contaminated" water as their toilets start overflowing all over their shiny military boots. I think this Nazification has gone too far.

AJ said...

One thing that would help, IMO, is for prior military service to be a disqualification from civilian policing.
The police force, any civilian police force, is no place for burned out, PTSD former soldiers.

Anonymous said...

These EPA assholes had better watch out! One day someone they surprise might just be good enough to do head shots their body armor won't stop! If that happens, the federal bastards will deserve it. Why the hell do all these federal agencies need militarized swat teams anyway? We are indeed NOT FREE in the US anymore. We won't be until we get these Marxist sonsofbitches out of office. We need to figure out a way to eliminate local law enforcement having this damned military equipment they're getting, too. I'll even look my local police chief and county sheriff in the eye and tell him they should divest themselves of all that equipment and military-type training, too.
- Old Greybeard

Yank lll said...

It would be a shame to see the assholes lured into an ambush and disappeared forever. Strange stuff happens in the hinterland and them bears sure get hungry.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

Fellers, I humbly suggest you're missing the point of the exercise. At the headwaters of Bristol Bay, AK lies a mineral "bonanza" including copper, gold, (probably rare earths and other strategic metals) and silver. Its also the (claimed) no. 1 sockeye salmon nursery.

Lots of heavy hitters in mining, industry (and Alaskans ) are looking to reap a harvest spanning generations. Already arrayed against them are the usual gia lovers, but also the deep pockets of other governments cu[rrent dominance of the world marketplace in some of these items is threatened.

Might this raid on Chicken AK, just be the opening salvo in their push to forever (or until they, and their "friends inside the USG") can gain a controlling stake hold ? >Jeff