Monday, September 2, 2013

Gun Control Raises Echoes of Segregated Past for Some African-Americans

“Gun control has racist roots and when you deny people the opportunity to own a gun and to protect themselves, that is the epitome of racism,” he said. His thinking, he says, is shaped by America’s segregated past. As far back as the 1860s, gun control has been used to keep arms out of the hands of black people. After the Civil War, a group of discriminatory laws known as the Black Codes limited the civil liberties—like the right to bear arms—of newly freed slaves.


Paul X said...

I wonder how difficult it would be to collect the provisions of all the black codes regarding this prohibition into one place? Listing them all, one after the other? That would make a point... Something worth linking to in debates as well.

Anonymous said...

Well... DUH!

There are numerous groups in America who should be first in line for the right to keep and bear arms. They should be kicking in the doors of gun stores, and buying up all the ammo they can afford.

African Americans are just the most visible group.

But there's also Asians (Anti-Chinese sentiments from the late 1800s), Mexicans/Hispanics (against drug cartel members who might decided to bring their brand of crime north of the border), Gays and Lesbians (People still attack them, sad to say, no matter what you're view of them is, they don't deserve to be harassed and attacked.), Jews (That whole little incident in Europe from circa 1938-1945 or so...) not to mention the disabled who if they went up against bigger, and stronger criminals will certainly lose, but put a high-quality gun in their hands and they'll be able to hold off the mob with a smile on their face, the list goes on and on...

Gun rights should be a big tent, accepting of pretty much all civilized human beings who wish to live out their lives in peace.

rustynail said...

Interesting that the original article was published in Al Jazeera On Line. Don't know if it's significant or not. The comments show much ignorance about firearms and self defense by the community that reads Atlanta Blackstar and Al Jazeera. Lots of opportunity for outreach and education.