Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chicago's top cop threatens summary executions for lawfully armed citizens.



Anonymous said...

Garry McCarthy is a fucking idiot. Concealed carry permit holders won't be showing a gun unless they are threatened by someone they think is attacking them. By all that's holy, that should not include a police officer. These damned enemies of the second amendment are fools and they usually prove it every time they open their mouths about anything that has to do with guns. If anything like McCarthy says happens, we can only hope the dipshit Chicago cop loses. Most private citizens I know who carry a pistol can outshoot most cops, anyway.
My final word: FUCK CHICAGO!

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

So in Chicago only Criminals have guns. Criminal cops and Criminal thugs. Just like the old saying. When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.

You just heard from the enforcement head crime boss of Chicago on this.

SWIFT said...

Bugger McCarthy! If the left-wing POS ever looked at his city, he'd see gun control is not working. It is one thing to be legally blind, yet another to be blinded by legality. His officers act like Al Capone and he justifies that as "mistakes". Chicago would fair no worse if the PD were disarmed.

RVN11B said...

What a foul pile of excrement! He should not be in the position he holds.

He is a megalomaniac for certain.

Anonymous said...

Here's why people will be shot by cops.
1). For three decades literally every LEO has been "trained" to react to seeing a firearm by knowing it is a crime just in seeing it. Guilty until proven innocent. It's going to take decades to undo that damage.

2). BOTH PARTIES decided that mass transit was off limits even for permission slip holders to carry so folks are going to HAVE to handle their firearms in public in order to unload it and place it in a case - thus changing from carrying to transporting. This WILL result in police making "mistakes" and also a scared public calling 911 with the "man with a gun" calls leading cops to be endlessly on edge.

3). BOTH PARTIES have totally and completely abdicated their duty, ignored their oath and violated individual rights here in Illinois for so long that just outright shooting people is the only Peter principle factor they have left to escalate the drama trying to hold on to their weapons bans.

Make no mistake - the whole country will hear about the shootings in Illinois - Chicago especially- next year as they can then be blamed on the carry law. What we see here is the SET UP statements leading up to that. Keep in mind this is not nearly the first time this man has said this.

Interesting huh? All the media hype about Illinois passing concealed carry. When we STILL can't carry concealed and won't be any time soon and even next year open carry will remain a felony. Note that the EXACT language struck down by a federal court as unconstitutional was replaced just hours after the stay on that judgement was implemented. In about a weeks time we will see some more peals before the 7th circuit and then hurry up and wait for another decision to be delivered.

Regardless, Illinois is a BASKETCASE right now and the dude is actually right - people ARE going to die because of it. They will get shot and its ENTIRELY the fault iof the loyalist gun grabbers - though they will never admit it.

David Codrea said...

I talked about this last January.

rustynail said...

What he's really saying is that if you're an armed citizen, you should expect to have to shoot first if confronted by one of the "only ones". What an a**hole!

Anonymous said...

Is this an equal opportunity threat or does it just pertain to average looking whiteys?

Anonymous said...

Chicago has it's own nutty police chief, other parts of IL different reality. There are counties in IL who are already allowing concealed carry:


Anonymous said...

If one of his cops shoot a law abiding citizen, whether an accident or not, he just set the dept up for huge litigation!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if a few of his "only ones" were facing prison time for murder his stance would change. They could even be "roomies" with one of their ex-governors.

But the reality nationwide is that all too often a law abiding citizen's death at police hands is an "oops" moment.

Anonymous said...

The NRA's golden ticket - state preemption, was attained so there is no "this county does this while that county does that" garbage. A county cannot "allow" carrying any more than it can "disallow" it.

TODAY it remains 100 percent ILLEGAL to exercise the right to carry anywhere in Illinois. Tomorrow it will remain illegal as well. Same with the day after that. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either woefully uninformed or deliberately lying.

Augmented gun control was passed and signed into law under the guise of a carry bill. And this went through with the NRA going officially NEUTRAL. the NRA did not oppose this debacle and is actively working with the ISP toward implementation. Why! Cuz it stands to make a great deal of money trading a training certificate for big bucks - and it's guaranteed money cuz it's law now to have the most hours of training of anywhere in the country. Of course the NRA refused to oppose this garbage. It's going to line it's pockets directly by forced training fees rather than rely on "donations".

Pretty pathetic really. The simple truth is people will get shot in Chicago BECAUSE of this legislation and the NRA didn't oppose this because of its own greed.

Anonymous said...

I suppose this officially makes the chief and his cops a domestic terrorist cell now since they've declared an intent to shoot and kill citizens of the US.

Someone warm up the drones! ;)

Anonymous said...

maybe we should return the favor?