Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A common refrain heard in military service these days.


CowboyDan said...

I've seen that and it's variants several times & places lately. Most of the comments lean toward either "shut up and follow orders" or "it's illegal to obey an illegal order."

Maybe they're finally starting to wake up.

Please God, let it be so.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they will stand by their convictions.

rexxhead said...

But as long as they deploy when ordered, what's the point?

When enough servicemen declare "I'm not deploying without a Congressional declaration of war" the DoD will have to decide whether it's worth the bad publicity to court-martial all of them -- and my guess is that it won't be.

Alternatively, all you need is one verdict of 'not guilty' to open the floodgates.

Alas, to get the ball rolling requires -n- deployables with at least as much courage as Bradley Manning. I'm not sure that's plausible.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm no longer on active duty, or I'd most likely get courtmarsheled!

Publius said...

I see that the MSM is calling these photos fakes, or Syrian psy-ops.

Funny - our gov't is the one doing constant psyops to condition the sheeple for war.

parabarbarian said...

May be a fake


Ed said...

British officers at CentCom at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida have their status as "allies" downgraded because they cannot be trusted due to British Parliament's vote on non-support of armed intervention in Syria:


Anonymous said...

Probably why the Harlam gangster Challey Rangle is pushing the draft again. He knows nobody is going to want to enlist to become a victim in a program to prop up a failing Tyrant here in Ameritopia.
An idea that I think would work is to roundup all the ghetto gang bangers in Shit-ca-go and ship their asses off to Syria and tell them to take the country over. They should be easy to find. They all look like Obama. He said so himself.