Thursday, January 3, 2013

Today we should find out the specifics of Feinstein's Intolerable Act and whether Boehner will still be Speaker. (Don't count on the products of the boneless chicken ranch.)

Obama to 'Quickly' Go for Immigration Reform and Gun Control
Also, From the Huffington Post:
Good news for immigration advocates may have come Tuesday night, when Boehner broke the so-called "Hastert Rule" and allowed the fiscal cliff bill to come for a vote without support from a majority of his Republican conference. Given opposition to immigration reform by many Tea Party Republicans, the proof that Boehner is willing to bypass them on major legislation is a good sign, the Democratic aide said.
"If something is of such importance that the GOP establishment [is] telling Boehner, 'You must do this. You need to get this off the table soon,'" the Democratic aide said, the speaker could break the Hastert Rule again.
"He already did it with this fiscal issue, so I would not be surprised if when it came down to it he puts up a bill that he just allows to go through with a combination of Democratic and Republican votes, without worrying about a majority of the majority," the aide continued.
If he will do it for that, he can do it for gun control. The lily-livered bastard.


Anonymous said...

Over the last few weeks the masks have come off. The "average" gun owner can see the plain truth now. "They" (the left) mean to take ALL the guns,and then put every White, every christian, every gun owner, and everyone who refuses to worship Obama as a god,into death camps and exterminate them."They" will not allow us to live in peace. It is long past time to look to "government" for help. Or anything good at all. Now is the time to decide if you make your stand or burn in a deathcamp oven.

Mile 66 said...

We need a strong, articulate and courageous Conservative as Speaker of the House. You know who, it's a NO BOEHNER!

Anonymous said...

After guns there is only organic chemistry.

John Hancock said...

Okay, if this passes and is signed: One Hundred Heads. I've had it. If they want a war, let it begin here.

SWIFT said...

Boehner can talk all the tough guy rhetoric he wants now. His credibility is shot and so is that of the GOP for retaining him. The ballot box no longer holds meaning. From now on, I trust my friends, neighbors and family, their rifles and mine.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we're "Boned" again..