Thursday, January 10, 2013

Will Neville Chamberlain or Vidkun Quisling take a ride in the NRA weeniewagon?

So, in a few hours the NRA will walk into a meeting with Joe Biden's "gun violence commission": NRA Accepts Biden's Invitation To Meet
And, as Chris Cillizza writes: Why Joe Biden needs the NRA.
But, the meeting is smart politics by Biden — and the White House more broadly. It’s a recognition that, to pass something on guns through Congress, they need the NRA either on board or not totally in opposition to the proposal. . .
And, in a political jump ball, having the NRA signed on to some proposal is almost certainly the difference between a bill becoming a law and it, well, not.
Now, inviting the NRA to a meeting is very different than getting (or wanting to get) the NRA to sign on to the final product that the Biden task force produces. (It seems unlikely that if Biden pushes for an assault weapons ban, for instance, that the NRA would be even close to on board.)
But Biden is smart to meet with the NRA both to a) see if there is a place of mutual interest where the organization could actually be supportive of the proposal from the task force, but also b) to try to tamp down the white-hot rhetoric on both sides at the moment.
While “A” might be the goal, “B” has its merits as a political strategy as well. It’s at least in theory more difficult for the NRA to aggressively hate a bill that they were consulted on — even if it’s not a piece of legislation they can support.
Remember in politics it’s always a good idea to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
The NRA, despite its vaunted reputation, sold out American firearm rights at critical moments in enactment of the 1934 National Firearms Act, the 1968 Gun Control Act, and the 1994 Brady and AWB bills. (The latter because Bob Dole begged them to because he thought it was good politics in his upcoming presidential run -- we all know how well that turned out.)
"Peace in our time." Neville Chamberlain on his way to meet Hitler, 1938.
So the prospect of the NRA meeting with Joe Biden in an atmosphere of panic and hysteria does not fill me with warm and fuzzy thoughts. In fact, the only question I have is if it will be Neville Chamberlain or Vidkun Quisling who steps out of the NRA weeniewagon when it pulls up to the White House entrance.
Vidkun Quisling, whose name became synonymous with traitor, on trial in Norway after the war.
And here is where he was executed by firing squad:


Anonymous said...

FYI.. Looks like a couple Colorado reps want to throw their hat in the ring with Diane Feinstein. I started a petition on them as well.

Here is the article I found on them.

Anonymous said...

Comparing the anti-gun types to Hitler and Stalin is clearly having a positive effect, as the leftist media has already responded in the above link. I personally like how they gloss over the fact that Jews couldn't buy firearms and ignore what happened to them a few years later! Quote from the article:

"A longtime advocate of gun control himself during his three decades as a senator, Biden's remarks on Wednesday set off an immediate firestorm among gun rights activists, with the right-wing Drudge Report even comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.
Gun rights advocates often assert that Nazi Germany banned guns before embarking upon the Second World War and the Holocaust. Several of them have made the allegation while appearing on various news shows in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting.

But in fact, Hitler loosened gun laws in 1938 so that German citizens —although not Jews or supposed enemies of the state — could buy handguns with simple hunters' permits."

Anonymous said...

The Marine who wrote the open letter to Feinstein really did well on this CNN appearance. I liked him saying that David Gregory already set the precedent for not obeying the law, and how uncomfortable the anchor became. My favorite was when she asked what he will do if the law becomes the law of the land, and he said he would not obey it bc unconstitutional laws are not laws.

The look of shock and horror on the CNN anchor's face to that response, along with her nervous laughter, gave me a big smile. He is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Got a personal email from Wayne Lapierre today asking me to renew my NRA membership (and if I rented quickly, I'd receive a $2 discount PLUS a lovely NRA duffle bag). My email response...

"My renewal hinges on what actions the NRA takes as a result of its with the Joe Biden's DisArm America Committee today.

Tread carefully."

Anonymous said...

when Clintons AWB was enacted with the help and blessing of the nra, I resigned my life membership with a latter telling them they are now on my enemies of freedom list right beside the congrescritters who voted to enact it. The ONLY thing that will get me back in their good graces will be fighting to repeal the nfa, gca and gfz's. Do that and I will repurchase a life emebership. I think my money is safer with the SAF though lol

Joseph P. Martino said...

I'm afraid we'll get more of the NRA's patented "We had to agree to this or they'd have passed something even worse" crap. I too will be watching them. I haven't paid my 2013 dues yet.

Anonymous said...