Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two from Politico

Why President Obama's gun plan may be doomed.
President Obama set to unveil new gun plan.


Anonymous said...

I watch Obama Crawfish, Like do nothing but tuck his tail and back up. No EOs- 27 "recemendations" Or "EAs" But he kicked it ALL back to congress. Short a "911" type false flag I think this is over in the near term and dead in the House of Rep. No I don't think thell stop -But they'll slow down -for a while.

Paul X said...

It appears the ruling class is receiving our message (long lines and back orders for guns and ammo, and "molon labe" sentiments). The Oregon legislature just released similar statements about a lack of appetite for any gun control (except for our perennial Feinstein-clone idiot).