Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There now, aren't you glad that you're not being oppressed simply because you are permanently outvoted and a despised minority within your own country?

A collectivist explains The Second Amendment and Tyranny
Tyranny is defined generally as oppressive, absolute power vested in a single ruler. The United States cannot, by definition, be tyrannical because it is a representative democracy where you have the right to overthrow any person or party every two, four, or six years – depending on the office. Your recourse is political action and being enfranchised to vote, organize, and petition.


Anonymous said...

You know who else has a democracy? China. Soviet Union. Russia. North Korea.

They all vote yet they are still dictatorships.

Fucking collectivists retards.

Anonymous said...

Uh huh, until the Marxists take over. Then you have the tyranny of the state similar to the former Soviet state.

But that's not what they're doing here, right? No, no. of course not because they are different little fuzzy Marxists!

Anonymous said...

There might be a reason you're eternally outvoted: your policy ideas are stupid and don't convince anyone who isn't crazy.

But that's why you need the guns, right? To keep sanity from prevailing.

Trinity said...

Just goes to show that progressives/liberals/collectivists who feel somehow preordained to rule over us unwashed masses and build a Utopian society on earth -- which is preordained to utter failure -- are still adept at making up their own facts, innovative interpretations of existing factual documents and revising history to fit their non-existent logic in their ongoing failed efforts to justify their belief in themselves and especially, their leaders. This author, probably realizing that his intellectual quiver was devoid of logic or sustainable argument finally managed to play the race card in desperation to defend his indefensible position (which began in the first paragraph and grew exponentially deeper in bovine excrement as it progressed).

As a grade, Mr. Bedenko, you earned an "A" for spelling and grammar, a "D" for content (by giving you the benefit of the doubt and appreciating good fiction), and an "F" for effort since it's quite obvious you either did not research the subject adequately, or failed to understand what you read.

Anonymous said...

Do we have a Government that deprives the people of their rights without do process of law? yes We do,at the federal,State and local level. that's how how we define tyranny in the United States.

And were not a democracy! We are a Federal Republic! Each State in the union is guaranteed a Republican form of Government: Article 4. Section 4.

Anonymous said...

The Left is impossible to parody. This article is a great example. Anything you could come up with as a joke isn't nearly as crazy as what they actually believe.