Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Indy 1500 Gun Show

Would be interested in any reports from this weekend's Indy 1500 gun show. I had hoped to make it, but events and lack of gas money intervened.


Scott J said...

Tam has a post up about it.

Anonymous said...

Indiana Gun Owners dot Com estimates 500 showed up for the rally, Indy 1500 was packed.

I didn't go. You never have everything you need but the prices at the I1500 show aren't Bradis and that will just get worse.

Red Icculus said...

We showed up an hour early and the line was already wrapped around the corner. The doors opened at 8, and we were in the pavilion by 8:30

Private sales were pretty ridiculous, but vendors like Model 1 Sales and ZX guns are top notch vendors with fantastic pricing.

The ammo got picked over pretty well by today. There were still cases of ammo at pre-hype prices.

There was lotss of milsurp gear and emergency food compared to previous shows. Overall, the crowd was nice and knowledgeable and selection was great.

William Flatt said...

Lack of money kept me from buying anything yummy at the 1500, but I went with my guys to the Gun Rights Appreciation Day rally at the statehouse and there were AT LEAST 500 people there at any given time, over the course of the two-hour event. The weather was brisk but not too chill - if anything my long sleeve shirt and mediumweight jacket seemed too much. Like Mike V., I have my limitations, but actually I did pretty well considering that injuries that dont heal - or in my case heal slowly - arthritis sets in. We passed out III themed literature, received a very warm welcome from the other activists, and because I was wearing my Indiana Militia baseball cap, ended up giving away all of my business cards to everyone that approached me. Turns were taken passing literature and carrying my Culpeper DTOM flag, which stood out from the other Gadsden, Indiana & American flags that the others had brought. Cameras were keen to zoom in on mine, flying full-value in the steady breeze, with "LIBERTY OR DEATH" proclaiming to the honking passers-by that Hoosier liberty will no go quietly into the long goodnight!

No speakers were scheduled for the event and I had absolutely no intention of standing out, speaking, or being the focal point; but the procession of activists marching around the statehouse were very sedate. It was... polite. Not like there was a pall over the event because everyone was cheerful, but some others were only occasionally shouting out some slogans like MOLON LABE! and so on, but then we broke the ice and turned the procession around the statehouse into a gathering in front when somebody made a humorous comment about a participant's beautiful mocha-brown female Boxer; "Look - it's a four-legged right wing terrorist", so then I piped up and declared "LOOK, IT'S SENATOR BARBARA BOXER"! Which prompted a hearty laugh from the whole crowd, who caught the inference of "female dog" at the mention of her.

Next thing I know, I'm channeling Patrick Henry, sharing the news and intel that all patriots need to be aware of, and exhorting the crowd to summon their courage and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE, such as corner their Sheriffs and get them on the record for defending the Bill of Rights and our gun rights, among other things. I only spent a few minutes at it, but afterward, the rally organizer showed up at my side and she thanked me for bringing an inspiring climax to the event - she had gauged the crowd's receptiveness to my impromptu speech, and a few others who spoke with me such as my aide-de-camp, Doug, and some notable libertarian activists who never miss events such as this, rain or shine.

I don't know how many of you went to your state capitol at High Noon and took a stand for the 2nd Amendment, but for those who did, thanks for being with the rest of us in all 50 capitols today, and I hope that enough pressure was exerted to buy us a little more time from "Absolved" becoming a loud dirty reality. If you went to the 1500 and made good use of the day getting stocked up on the things you needed, and the things you can never have too much of, thanks for being that kind of patriot. Because if we can't win the soft war, we'll need to be ready to win the hard war. * ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒE *

Perhaps some of you will tell us how your day went!

LFMayor said...

It took about an hour in line to get into the building, we were wrapped almost 1/2 way around clear onto the west side. I was told by a friend who went Friday he spent 2 hours in line, it wrapped 3/4 of the way around the building all the way back to the north.

7.62x39 was priced double of what it was 2 months ago, 200.00 for 1/2 case of 500 rounds was the best deal we could find.

Steady line of people coming out, carrying arms and ammo. Best of luck tracking all of that down, progressive a-holes.

Heard this from a vendor: WOLF import license was not renewed and he said the Russian ammo won't be available. Any one have any insight on this?