Friday, January 11, 2013

Strassel: The Real Gun-Control Consensus

"The White House is playing its usual fuzzy double-game. Does it intend to stick to mental-health recommendations and slough off on Congress any gun decisions? Or does it intend to embrace gun control in its liberal remake of the country? Was the leak that the Biden task force is debating big gun restrictions a signal of a fight to come? Or was it a deliberate head fake—to make smaller proposals look more reasonable? No one has a clue."


Anonymous said...

There is a reason Obama taped Biteme for this task , if it goes wild west around here , Biden will take the fall for it. The talking head Obama must be insulated and protected from any and all close scrutiny. His presence in the Whitehouse is allmost certainly illegal ; therefore the Socialist Utopia he has attempted to create would be ( In an honest court ) found illegal.

Anonymous said...

Head fake all the way.

But, I am locked and loaded, because I am usually wrong.