Friday, January 11, 2013

Praxis: More along the lines of what you can be doing now instead of merely gnashing teeth in frustration.

From a reader:
Hope all is well and you're feeling good.
Passing thoughts ...tetanus shots, vaccinations, medical supplies and communications gear. Field conditions will create opportunity for accidents and injury. There will be plenty of close contact, no need to spread virus. Attention to sanitation is a concern. Also, that "organize" suggestion is paramount NOW. Folks need to make contact with like minded patriots and figure out a communications process and procedure and sort out communications equipment. Especially those who will be distant or in remote locations.
May be prudent to download and print some satellite maps or acquire topographic maps and brush up on compass skills.
I have no doubt that .gov will seize or shut down ALL communications not on their frequencies. They'll also be tracing communications back to geographic locations.
Good time to be out "surveying" geography and testing load bearing gear and physical limits. Probably not good to be seen in neighborhoods with gear ...unless of course the whole neighborhood in on board. Doubtful.
Also time to sort out collaborators. They may be useful for those who are adept at manipulation but to me, they're a waste of resources.
You've already covered a lot of this in praxis notes but a gentle reminder may be useful at this juncture.
God Bless. Stay safe and stay well.


Anonymous said...

The reader who posted this makes some very good points. I would highlight the need to be very attentive to hygiene issues.

Historically speaking, more folks die during wartime from infection, disease and other related maladies than from bullets.

Getting up to date on vaccinations including Hepatitis would be a good thing to do.

Just a thought.


Ed said...

The pediatric death toll from flu this season (18 so far) will soon exceed the 20 pediatric deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtowne, Connecticut. How many deaths will be from lack of immunization? There are only enough doses manufactured to immunize one out of three in the U.S., yet our government officials are obsessed about gun control. To say that they have misplaced priorities would be kind. Stop being kind to them, and demand that they focus on things that really matter, like immunization for all.

Anonymous said...

In the threatening civil war comment is going to be the sine qua non. If the SHTF truely occurs all accustomed coms are going to be shut down or so heavily "snooped" as to be useless. But history has provided endless examples of how this can be bypassed ! >Jeff

AJ said...

Sound advice. If the SHTF, and it's looking more and more like it will every day, guns will only be a small part of the equation.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I did a search for 'sipsey street irregulars praxis boots' and did not get any hits.

If the Spirit moves you, could you please do a praxis on boots for various climes?

thx and God bless.