Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Poor Andrew Traver.

Obama drops Denver ATF nominee in national gun-control speech. Beaten out of his promised job by B. Toad Jones.


SWIFT said...

Wow, was I wrong! I never felt Andrew Traver was acceptable for confirmation and I would not have believed B.Tod Jones would accept a nomination to head the ATF. I falsely believed he was too wiley to be thrown into that fire. Historically, it has not been a career enhancing move. Melson knew that and figured he had left himself an escape hatch. The position ate him up too. That said, I'm sure Tod Jones will run the ATF as efficiently as former mayor Kilpatrick ran Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Poor Andy, he's been thrown under the bus by Massa Obama. Maybe he can still get a job as The White House doorman or Presidential shoe shiner.