Saturday, January 19, 2013

Of martyrs and Wacos. "People aren't buying this stuff because they want to turn it in."

A friend forwarded me a link to this article: Obama Playing Chicken with American Men. He particularly drew my attention to this passage:
"Those who do not comply, on the other hand, will be a test case, at the very least. When the government is challenging a proud man's dignity, his natural rights, and his courage in the face of a tyrannical demand, they are daring him to become a martyr to his cause. In the authoritarian's mind, government wins either way. If the man gives in, subservience is reinforced. If he does not, then he can be made an example of, to serve as a stern warning to others."
Now as Mama Liberty and many other female readers of this blog can tell you, this is not just about "manhood," but about principle, property and liberty -- now and for our children's children. But the general thrust of the article is correct. The only miscalculation on the part of the collectivists is that "stern warning to others" crap. They tried that in the 90s with Waco and all it did was delegitimize their regime and lead to the formation of the constitutional militia movement. Today, twenty years later, their regime is even more illegitimate and even more people are arming at a faster rate, so much so that -- at the moment at least -- it is interfering with their resolve. (Hence the 23 presidential "suggestions" rather than draconian executive orders on inportation, etc.)
As one of my friends familiar with the inner workings of the District of Criminals wrote yesterday:
Thinking back to the 1989 AW ban--then-President George H. W. Bush asked the Treasury Department to ban imports of AWs, and ATF carried that out by ruling they had no "sporting purpose"--I've wondered why President Obama didn't do the same thing. I don't doubt that he WANTS to ban AWs.
If I had to guess--and this is just a guess--considering the fact that the AR-15 platform has become mainstream, and there's a wide variety of that firearm and others (i.e., the AK and the AK variants), in addition to millions of high-capacity magazines, President Obama ****MAY**** have concluded that getting ATF to instigate such an overnight halt to imports would:
(1) bankrupt a lot of people, and cause a lot of jobs to be lost, and
(2) incite such hatred against ATF and the Government that getting anything done, gun-control wise, would make a task that Obama already acknowledges is difficult--getting Congress to ban AWs--would make getting that done virtually impossible.
By not doing an outright ban on imports, or domestic manufacturing, yet announcing his intentions to ban the future production (and, by implication, importation) of "assault weapons," President Obama can rightly claim "cover" for his actions in that he clearly announced his INTENTIONS. Which, I think, shows how sensitive the topic is.
I imagine the run on guns and ammo and high-cap magazines is making him mighty twitchy. As (REDACTED) pointed out: "People aren't buying this stuff because they want to turn it in."
The regime, if it does screw up its resolve, will discover that one more Waco-like "example" will lead this time to a Fourth Generation civil war. As I wrote Eric Holder in 2009, there will be No more free Wacos.


GA Patriot said...

No more Free Wacos. As true today as when you first penned those words. Maybe more so.

WarriorClass said...

What Obama is doing now is just a prelude to the UN's Small Arms Treaty that's coming up in March. Right now he is setting up the ObamaCare structure to get doctors to be spies and label gun owners as mentally ill - yeah, that mental health thing that he's talked about before.

Don't bury your guns, bury the people that would take them.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Ya, Ultimate Waco Rules.
In the most violent manner possible.

They are going to do the ultimate Alynski on somebody. Pick a target, freeze it, and beat it like a dead horse. Or shoot it so full of sub-machine gun bullets there won't be anything left to autopsy.
Wonder if they burn his place to the ground or leave it standing and salt it with evil assault weapons. You can bet there are Fast & Furious weapons just waiting around for the perfect crisis as a means. Can't let the 90% rule go to waste.

Bernadine Dhorn was on the lap dog media talking out her arse the other day. When they drag out radical blood thirsty red diaper baby dinosaurs like her, and her traitor husband has been burning the midnight oil over on Penn. Ave with the main tyrants, you know serious shit is about to drop in the pot.
Remember what ole Bill said about 25 million dead?

Me thinks the issue will be forced upon us.
It's Not if, but When.

It really already has been. Incrementally.
We just have had our resolve tested. The won just set the final stage, from the day of his bitter clinger speech, to executive diktat on guns, he telegraphed his final solution.
I suspect we are about to find out if we pass the dictators test. These elites are going to force the issue.
It 's a Mexican standoff right now.
Probably going to be another convenient crisis, false flag or otherwise.
They got away with Oklahoma, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Aurora, Fast & Furious, Brietbart, Newtown. Not much left to do but go all in on some unfortunate fellow and his family. These sons of a bitches could'nt stop now even if they wanted. The leviathon wants it's pint of blood. They are gonna put somebody through the thugocracy meat grinder and see what happens.

This all to date been basically probing assaults, find the weak points and reactions.

The County Sheriffs announcing their fealty to their oaths and constituency is remarkable.
Brings an entirely unexpected but welcome dynamic into it all.

But ultimately, this is all window dressing for the real thing. Sauce for the goose.
Get ready.

That poor slob they got singled out, could be you or me or your buddy. I 'm sure they have a target picked out and everything.
That is when they stop playing chicken with us, flush out the ones not afraid, see just how far resolve goes.

Man I hate this with a passion. Like nothing I ever imagined.
These maniacs are out of control.
Completely insane.
They are going to have their red revolution.

We are going to have to fight like a cornered animals.
Best ones Resolve is manifest.
Fight to win.

If this shit goes down what gets unleashed will make the bastards blood run cold.
They are messing with something once unleashed that is terrible, it can not be stopped.
Nor should it be until they are all gone from this Republic.
It is terribly so, the only way.

No one who is going to have to fight this tyranny asked for any of this.
I would not want to be one of these elite motherfuckers,
they don't know what they are messing with.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mike just maybe they finaly figured out that the day they attack another family/church or "cult" we are gonna go to THERE house and BURN IT DOWN. Maybe they know that we have had all of the bullshit we'll stand from them. That to push us one more inch is to invite the rope and the lash, That we- not they- rule this land, And that the military indutrial tyrany is going to end soon, whether they like it or not.

Johny Gee said...

UH- it was the 1994 AWB- how'd they get to 1989?

Yank lll said...

They have chosen to ignore Romanian Rules and that no one has to travel far to find feds..
mullah Obama wont be happy until he and his compatriot traitors start that second civil war his media mutts are so fond of making fun off.. they stand to be included too.

Yank lll

Gunny G said...

We have to be prepared to move to support anyone threatened by the Feds like the Americans who came to "over watch" the FBI's actions during the Montana Militia seige. THAT one ended peacefully, unlike Ruby Ridge and Waco.

otterhauser said...

Obama has decided to facilitate "back door" gun control by banning gun buyers rather than the guns they buy.
His 23 executive "actions" revolve around background checks, reneging on the ObamaCare deal with the NRA and eliminating as many future gun buyers as possible.
Great article David Codrea wrote concerning the 1/16 letter to FFL holders from ATF. Even federal law will be misrepresented to buyers in order to begin registration of owners.

randy said...

Remember, we our now considered radical and cult like under this liberal administration clinging to our Guns & Bibles. They will considerate justified.

Randy’s Right III