Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nothing to sneeze at.

Why the 2nd Amendment by Walter Williams.
There are about 300 million privately held firearms owned by Americans. That's nothing to sneeze at. And notice that the people who support gun control are the very people who want to control and dictate our lives.


Trinity said...

Honest and pure wisdom such as Mr. Williams' is all but gone from our society. Given his age, and that of his partner in great thinking, Thomas Sowell, we are going to be losing some of the last of the pure critical thinking going on in this country.

Hefferman said...

Trinity, yes we will lose some men like Mr. Williams, but it is part of our duty to raise up men of even greater capacity.
That is why young people need to read "Common Sense" and "The Federalist Papers".
I did as a young man, and they changed who I wanted to be.

I will stand for Freedom and Liberty, no matter the cost.

I will not comply with their UnConstitutional Laws, I will resist.
Semper Fi