Thursday, January 17, 2013

More bluster from the collectivists' phalanx of useful idiots.

GOP Responds to Obama’s Gun Control Executive Orders With Threats of Civil War. What is it about these morons that they always think that the GOP and the NRA are their worst problems?
One of the comments struck my interest. I posted a response which I doubt will make it past the moderator, so here it is as well:
"Civil War? Just how much chance do these racist malcontents think they are going to have against the military might of the United States?"
Leaving aside the ignorant ad hominem attack of calling us "racists," your analysis and historical sense is fundamentally flawed Who is it, do you think, that makes up the bulk of the military tip-of-the-spear units? Why it is our sons (and in lesser numbers daughters). When issued an illegal and unconstitutional order which way will their guns face? Toward their families or the regime that orders them to attack their families?
The way this will play out, if in the unlikely event that Obama & Co. get their fervent wishes of a true ban on semi-autos and standard capacity magazines (and private sales as well) is that our side will disobey, resist and flaunt the law. As the author says, this will make the regime so nuts that they will come to attack such resisters a la Waco and Ruby Ridge. The only thing is, they had their free Waco in the 90s, without consequences to the raid planners and politicians. It will not be free this time.
Kindly study the topic of 4th Generation Warfare, which targets the enemy decision making elites, not the military forces or the populace, in order to destroy their will to fight. Bill Clinton, in his frustration at the Serbs in 1999, changed the rules of engagement to include the political, media and intellectual leadership of his enemy, sending precision guided weapons into their homes as well as Serbian Radio and Television.
Now, imagine an American civil war fought along the same rules.
To sum up, be careful what you wish for, you may get it. On the other hand, we're not telling you what to do nor are we trying to take any of your liberty or property at the threat of your lives as you are doing, in your ignorance of the Law of Unintended Consequences, to us.
All we require is for your overweening collectivist "nanny state" to back up out of our faces and leave us the hell alone.


Pat H. said...

That's just another anti-white, anti-southern screed from the radical portion of the progressive-fascist's.

The Supremacy clause only applies to laws passed under the enumerated powers, and the states can rule on the constitutionality of those as well.

The US government is an agent of the states, it is not a party to the compact among the states, only the states are parties to that.

Therefore, when the states, or a single state, says a US law is un-Constitutional, that law is not to be enforced within those states or that individual state.

We're well past the point where we have to enforce this part of government, lack of enforcement prior to this is part of the reason we find ourselves with the same issues we Southrons seceded over in 1860-1861.

As for finding ourselves in a war, not a civil war because we don't care who rules in the District of Columbia, but a war over who will rule in our states, it won't be 28 million people fighting 6 million people.

The demographics are decidedly in our favor to bring the US government to heal at the least, and in the case of many southern states, boot the US government out like the bad trash it is.

TL671 said...

Your comment seems to have made it. And is currently at 11 thumbs up, to 2 thumbs down, of course likely driven by your link. :)

Uncle Al said...

Mike, a gentle correction: You wrote, "our side will disobey, resist and flaunt the law." It is their side who will flaunt the law. Our side will flout the law.

Anonymous said...

""Civil War? Just how much chance do these racist malcontents think they are going to have against the military might of the United States?" "

Proof that they are the Marxists and that they wish to completely destroy their enemies, us.

Anonymous said...

They realy don't understand Mike, They are so nannyfied that war is a comcept they cannot fathom. The bloody street by street slaughter of a civil war is simply to much for their minds. They start screaming for dady or mommy to make it stop. They cannot belive or understand the concqence of their actions. In many ways the left are stunted Child adults. Never haveing to learn pain or effort,and having been given everything all of there lives,at the slightest whim. They become enraged when they don't get thier way. This is why the military is made up of our children, and WHY socilisim ALLWAYS ends so badly.

Anonymous said...

That "Shiva" guy is a real hoot.

Anonymous said...

You know, I can't help but notice as I read through comments left by the anti-gun rights folks after articles/posts like the one linked here how angry these people are. And it strikes me that the reason for their anger is ultimately because they have a gut feeling that people like Mike are right. That if TSHTF they will be on the losing end of history. I think their anger is born of that fear, and that fear is certainly born of an enormous amount of ignorance. Ignorance of history and the resolve of their opponent. And you know what? That's a very good thing. The irony to me is, they just can't grasp the concept that that very fact is exactly why we have the 2A: In order for "us" to prevent the very thing "they" don't understand they are getting themselves into. If it wasn't so dangerous, it would be funny.

LordChamp said...

Visited the link.

The blissful ignorance of some people is unbelievable.

All I ask is to prove me wrong in what I say. If you can I will gladly admit it but prove it with indisputable facts, not just opinions and commentary.

They won't even start a debate on facts.

Name calling, misdirection, half-truths, and just pure ignorance.

However, I've always been told that ignorance is curable with knowledge but stupidity is usually permanent.

It appears this may be permanent in their case.

Anonymous said...

How can you stand to read that filth? The other comments were delusional.

Charles N. Steele said...

Excellent response. I am wondering if Obama and Co. are starting to realize what they've gotten themselves into. They may have awakened enough people to have unleashed political forces that will eat them; hope so.

I was amused to learn the term "tenther." I guess I'am also a firster and seconder and thirder and...

Charles N. Steele said...

Kudos to Uncle Al. Correct use of language is a virtue. Half our problems stem from the misuse and abuse of language. ("Social justice," anyone?)

Anonymous said...

Took me all of 10 minutes to piss Shiva off and she started removing postings of facts she couldnt refute like a little child who couldnt stand the heat!

Standard Joseph Goebbels propaganda tactics, block that which you cant refute!

Anonymous said...

The original list of 19 items attempting to restrict gun rights was according to reports, draconian and replaced with a watered down list of 23 items.

Now think about that - they backed off because of their perception of the fight ahead. A fight they must have realized was bigger than they wanted.

They BLINKED. In that way, this was the first battle in the war to take away America's guns, and they backed away because it was going to be too damaging to them.

They LOST this battle. They were smart to drop back. But they will be back another day.

Happy D said...

Read the comments over there. The delusion of knowledge among that crowd is hard to believe.
And funny if you had a half decent history teacher.

But the biggest laugh is that these adherents to the political party of the Ku Klux Klan.
The Ku Klux Klan the first terrorist wing of the Democratic party are calling their opponents racists with no evidence to back up the charge.

Anonymous said...

Mike's comment and all of mine have been removed. I suspect anything they felt was from Sipsey Street Irregulars was removed as well.

Not only does Shiva have no intention of responding to reasoned dispute of his/her viewpoint, he/she has no intention of letting anyone who visits that site read the discussion either.

If they can't handle a little frank exchange of differing views, I can't help but wonder how well they would handle .30 cal rifle fire.