Friday, January 18, 2013

Kurt Hofmann: What if the federal government threw a 'gun control' party, and nobody came?

Granted, it would seem that American gun owners are now his "bigger fish," but if we resolve to be too big--and too dangerous--to "fry," he might just decide to give up trying to put citizens' rights on his stringer. Or perhaps he'll discover too late that he needs a bigger boat.


A Texan said...

My read on what happened this week - or, rather, what DIDN'T happen - is that the American public's reaction to the threats of bans, registration and even various confiscations. We DIDN'T see any of that imposed on us via diktat for one simple reason: we've been emptying the gun stores, gun shows internet stores and big box stores of everything gun-related for the better part of a month.

I think that wannabbee King O and some of his fellow travelers realized that there was going to be MASSIVE non-compliance, and lost their balls.

They haven't given up...but, then again, I still haven't been able to find full shelves of ammo anywhere, and the local Academy stores (4 that I'm reasonably near) have full parking lots at all hours of the working week, with shelves empty of ammo and lots of people just shaking their heads - this despite several deliveries each week. So, the longer Maobama waits, the better armed are the American people.

Anonymous said...

Well , it seem's the party is in progress. Unfortunately for BomB-a the only one's in attendance are his usual cluster of dingle ball's.

Anonymous said...

I sent a letter this morning...guess I should expect a visit from the SS tonight.


January 18, 2013

Mr President, Mr Vice President, Honerable Senators and Congressmen,

Please do not allow your reaction to the horrible Sandy Hook event be to further limit the law-abiding citizens their god-given right to bear arms.
Saying "do this for the children" may pull our heart-strings, however, your reaction to ban semi-automatic rifles will do nothing to prevent another madman from illegally obtaining them.

Additionally, you have no right to deprive law-abiding citizens their right of protection. And to be honest, I dont trust our Government any more than I would trust the commandant of a concentration camp to protect my liberty.

We dont need more laws, we need to train and arm our teachers and school administrators. We need to get rid of the "Gun-free zones" and instead arm-up. It has been shown 100% that when the people are armed, the rate of crime in that area declines. In case after case this is true, but somehow you paranoid assholes continue to yell and scream for the disarmament of the populace. How did that shit work out in Detroit or Chicago for that matter Mr. President? How is it working out in New York?
The only ones with guns are the criminals. There are even places where the police will not go unless it is in a large force.

On a second note, I wish to say that if any attempt is made to disarm the population, a civil war is bound to erupt. I dont want this, the American people dont want this, and I certainly hope that you think long and hard before creating any law that would put something like this into effect.
There are too many people who are willing to go to their graves rather than give up their weapons. These are good people, not Adam Lanza's.
There is no need to make criminals out of law abiding citizens. If you do, I guarantee that there will be millions who will defy government and that would mean the end of this nation. The second civil war would erupt and there wont be anywhere to hide from the wrath of the American people.

We are still a people of passion. We are still a peolpe of resolve. Do not think for a moment that the American people would somehow just allow this country to become a facist state. Do not be drawn into the unintended consequence of a civil war because of your own ignorance.

I sincerely hope that you Senators and Congressmen understand that if you vote to disarm, you will be voted out of office expediently. You are supposed to represent US...the people in your states and districts. This is not your choice to make, you MUST vote the will of the people, not your own mind or is not up to you, you work for US.

There are millions of Americans who await your decisions on this matter.
Please remember your oaths to "preserve, protect and defend" our constitution.


Edwin III

Anonymous said...

What I am about to say does not mean we should lose our vigilance in the defense of our 2nd Amendment rights but... We do know what just happened right. We won this round.
They backed down. Sure they did it gracefully, but they did. They opened up a hornets nest, their liberal mouthpieces got schooled and they had to give up for now. For all their tough talk what came of it? Im not saying that what did occur was good, I dont feel any restrictions, benign or otherwise are tolerable. But those chicken$%^& progressives backed down.
New York on the other hand... Thats a mess the libs made and now they are going to have to deal with it, and that stuff is going to get very chaotic for them. I mean really saying that everyone in NY is a lib is stupid, thats like saying everyone in CA is. Im glad I dont have to clean up that mess.
In the end the libs huffed and puffed, cried for their mommy, drank their applejuice, pooped, and went to sleep.
What did you expect from a bunch of cowards who love the smell of their own poop?

Anonymous said...

I think Obama backed off cause half his people got the flu. Mike Civil war IS comeing. The feds are hellbent on citizen disarmerment. The Masters in the UN demand it. I'm still looking for a false flag event some time after winters end, so that they can hit us all at once. IMO; this isn't over its just delayed, They want to wait till we go back to sleep, then drop the hammer in the dead of night.

GA Patriot said...

I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. They pretty much knew that a ban was a no go. They will settle for less. The private sale checks and use of medical records is a real problem over the long term. Universal NICS checks creates a defacto registry. Use of medical records in the "improved" NICS check is a wide ranging weapon in the hands of the Progressives that we haven't even begun to see the results of. The impact won't be seen for several years. Any veteran with a hint of PTSD will be on the list. Any child who has ADD will be on the list and will never be able to buy a gun as an adult. It is a can of worms that plays right into the Progs hands.