Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kurt Hofmann: Obama's illegal executive orders for 'gun control' undermine rule of law

A law-breaking government is no legitimate government at all, and has no claim on the citizenry's loyalty. So be it.

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Anonymous said...

Contrary view- obamas executive orders are exactly - rule of law. Don't use logic, don't assume you know what rule of law is. Rule of law is not a US, representative republc, term and has nothing to do with constitutional justice. If I called you martian, you would call bs, I would say prove it. You would produce your birth cert authored by your parents, and thay would end the conflict. When you say rule of law, I call BS. You say prove it, I say research Albert Venn Dicey, a buddy of Marx, the father, author, and owner of the term rule of law. Dicey was a communist, in todays terms, a liberal. Rule of law says that the government has all the say, we the people have no say. For an xample- Afghanistan has a government (sharia) based on the rule of law. Acknowledged and accepted by all factions of Afghan. So is there a diffrence between the Afghan Gov't and the U.S. Gov't? There won't be - if we follow the rule of law...Albert Venn Dicey - research him and all his works!