Monday, January 14, 2013

James Wesley, Rawles weighs in on the Citadel controversy.

The III Citadel Controversy


Anonymous said...

What, if anything (owner,employee, management, etc) does Kerodin have to do with the III Arms Company?

B Woodman

Trinity said...

Besides the basic concept of the Citadel Fortress is a flawed idea, the fact that the man behind it is a total flake with a criminal background as an extortionist/con man should cause anyone looking at this thing to run away with legitimate fear. Guys like Kerodin are a dime a dozen hucksters who will get fawning followers (sheeple) following him killed or incarserated.

Why a flawed concept? While it may provide a decent refuge from roaming bands of scavengers, remnants from the ghettos and other areas of entitlement lost, it won't stand a chance against an organised paramilitary unit or, heaven forbid, government troops attempting to subjugate hold outs -- any group with air or artillery power will soon render such a fortress a death trap of rubble and flame. And that's if they have the time (many years) and money (several millions if not hundred's of million), and necessary construction material/equipment needed to built their concept of the Great Wall of China.

I read a couple of Kerodin's posts (rants, in reality) where he said that when the SHTF he's going to immediately eliminate all of his neighboring and community enemies that he has identified as those who voted for the Democrats. His "justification" is that they have already violated his "righteous liberty" and he will kill in self defense after the fact.

Anybody following this type of narcissistic wannabe leader will most likely die as good surviving tribes will eliminate him or his followers upon sight. Nobody wants a reincarnation of a little Hitler roaming in their area.

Considering all of the shady deals he's involved in without any apparent concern from law enforcement I would be surprised if this weasel isn't a paid informant of one of the alphabet Gestapo agencies (e.g., BATF, DHS, FBI, etc).

I recommend that nobody get within blast radius of this clown if they value their liberty and life...

Anonymous said...

I know where their 20 acres is. Right now it has 2' of snow. There are no services, no city water, no sewer system. You CANNOT cram even 100 people onto a 20 acre parcel with no city water or city sewer. It is such a fantasy dream. Gotta be a Timothy Leary movement or something. I live here in Benewah County. Come up and rent a place for a year. Then make up your mind.

anon cus I like it that way

Anonymous said...

It's cold enough (teen highs, zero lows) down here in Utah right now, even WITH services. I don't even want to imagine what it's like up in I-dee-ho without services.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

B Woodman wonders what Kerodin has to do with the III Arms Company.

Well, a Holly Kerodin with an address of Meem Ave in Gaithersburg MD is listed with the Idaho Secretary of State as a member or manager of III Arms Company, LLC.

Anonymous said...

First off, I sent Rawles an email the second I saw his piece about Citadel III on his blog, providing links to prove Sammy The III is a federal felon, so the two days is BS. Back pedal all you want.

Also the Guerilla America Blog's (SOF Blog) 'Partisan' went for the Göbbels spiel enthusiasticly promising to purchase their AR15s.

As to the III Arms Company. Felon Kerodin (Sammy The rape Counselor), not being able to even own a gun ( had to find a FFL dude (Jim Miller, the CEO of III Arms)to run his 'legitimate' arms company to get the first samples to the PatCon - I believe in NC (?). He found one.

Christian Hyman is seeking furiously legitimate people to run different parts of his fascist Reich, and some people respond.

Some for money, like the building company and the FFL dude, some really believing there is heaven and freedom in Hellesponte's Reich, like J. Clein.

It appears that Trinity agrees with my prior comment on Killer Kerodin's Final Solution to exterminate his enemies the second he has the sufficient power - Hyman's words, not mine. Just read his blog. He is not even trying to hide what he really feels and his plans for the 'undesirables' a la herr Hitler.

Any idiot defending the Citadel III and Kerodin, Hellesponte, Hyman, whatever, is a simpleton, and we have those even here composing posts to us educating us about real freedom we ought to comprehend. Fock you J.K.

Mike V has very gentlemanly provided people facts and warnings about herr Hyman, and he has been attacked furiously not only by the POS himself, but his brownshirts too.

I'm only delighted that James Wesley Rawles has finally gleaned the intelligence about the Citadel III and herr Kerodin/Hyman/Hellesponte/ POS.

A simple Google search would have revealed what the intelligence officer missed prior of his kind words about the Reich coming in the neighborhood near you.

That is not how I was trained to gather intelligence. Sad.

I'm happy for Mike. He has done an excellent work exposing POS of all kinds. This Survival Blog's post ought to be the last nail in the Citadel IIIs (with Kerodin) coffin.

I'm not at all surprised that the Drudge decided not to publish the facts I provided about the Citadel III. Who wants to demonstrate they're fools?

Good job, Mike.


Anonymous said...

It appears that the convicted felon, Kerodin,is pissed due to the exposure here after the Drudge headline and now Rawlews' announcement.

He is calling all his dogs to attack Mike V. and Rawles, and challenging Mike to duel :)

FYI, I'm certain neither Simo Häyhä, nor Jeff Cooper (whose pictures and celebrity status Sammy boy uses) would like to be associated with this focker scammer. I´ve met them both, honorable men, and I´m sure POS like Kerodin is the last felon on this earth they´d like to be connected to.

Haista vittu, mulkku Kerodin. Sinussa ei ole sisun alkuakaan, joten uhkailusi kaksintaistelusta on naurettavaa. Olet mitätön kusettaja - iilimato, joka on aina elänyt toisten työn tuloksista - tietysti kusettamalla. Olet yksinkertaisesti rikollinen, ja samaa et voi sanoa Mike:sta.

Nebbish ... that´s what you´re.


Dutchman6 said...

Challenging me to a duel? What's he going to use, swords? Or maybe a black powder pistol since that's all the Feds allow him to have? I'm flattered. He usually just impotently threatens to sue people, or has his myrmidon Bill Nye write me wishes for an ugly death. Flip a coin. Heads it's pathetic, tails it's funny.

Erinyes said...

Oh yeah, we just got the latest lawsuit threat, Mike. It's pathetic...and funny.