Monday, January 7, 2013

I disagree. I don't think WE misunderstand THEM at all.

A Divide Widened by Misunderstanding
The big divide in America is over German sociologist Max Weber’s 1919 lecture “Politics as Vocation,” in which he announced that the very definition of a state is “the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force.” Few Americans have read Weber, but his principle has been the core premise of the gun control movement, and anathema to the gun rights movement.
Many American Weberians are also “pacifist-aggressives”; that is they believe that it is wrong for anyone (or anyone other than a government employee) to use deadly force. Their demand to impose their personal morality on everyone else are fiercely resisted by people who (like Enlightenment philosophers such as Grotius, Puffendorf, and Locke) see self-defense as the most fundamental of all inherent, natural rights.


Anonymous said...

Oh I understand alright. Ever since 1961. From the "ya can't make this stuff up" file....

gee, and to think I could have purchased a copy for the price of a McDonald's hamburger at the time. Goes to show you inflation isn't discriminatory. note to self..file under "I wish I had known". Some people will wish they had understood the REAL meaning of the 2nd Amendment too...when it's too late to use it. BAH!

Anonymous said...

Too many people still believe that we can compromise and just get along.

Didn't work with any tyrant ever and won't work here either, except for the tyrant. And make no mistake here, we now have that government and it will never stop until the own everything and everyone.

They can only exists where there is fear, controlled information, conspirators and slavery.

Happy D said...

Good lord read the comments over there.
More ignorance of the issue per square inch than I thought possible. The very center of the low information voter view of the world.
Few comment posts even tried to think outside the Quisling box.

sofa said...

It's understood: We are "Absolved".