Friday, January 4, 2013

David Codrea: ATF head, D.C. police chief challenged on selective magazine ban enforcement

Dear Director Jones and Chief Lanier, A crime has been committed, your agencies are involved, and someone is lying.


SWIFT said...

B.Tod Jones is a politically appointed scumbag. He did not achieve his position by being honorable. He got there by being a "yes man" to Erick (The perjurer) Holder and that POS, Obama.

Cathy Lanier, I cannot say much about, as I have not read much about her. But, lets burst the bubble. My money says both will stonewall, or lie, in favor of David Gregory.

AJ said...

Reply from BATFE and DC Police: "We don't give fuck. This is one big club, and you ain't in it. How dare you of the ruled class challenge the wisdom of the ruling class?" "It would suit you well to remember that the laws only apply to the little people."