Thursday, January 10, 2013

Counting on traitors from the dead elephant party to give them gun control.

Gun Sanity Needs Bipartisanship
But there is a political truth that must be faced: Absolutely nothing positive will happen on this issue unless a substantial number of Republicans insist that we act. And before you give up hope, it's worth remembering that in 1994, 38 House Republicans supported the assault weapons ban on a roll call in May, and 46 supported the crime bill including the ban that eventually passed later in the year.
Yes, the GOP is very different now, more conservative and more dominated by Southern and rural voices. But key Republicans senators, including Mark Kirk, John McCain and Dan Coats, have been willing to back reasonable gun laws in the past. The GOP's House majority includes 12 members from New York and New Jersey, 13 from Pennsylvania, 44 from the Midwestern states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, and 20 from the West Coast.


Trinity said...

Progressive sycophant Dionne is correct that so-called Republican support is going to be required to accomplish the next step in permanently establishing a tyrannical government in America. The Democratic Socialists have neither the numbers nor the will to do it on their own.

The lack of numbers speaks for itself. The lack of will is that they are afraid of a major electoral backlash as experienced after the last abortion called an AWB. And they are correct in that reoccurring, especially if they include other deeper restrictions which are included in their wet dreams of disarming and controlling their ideological enemies.

Unfortunately, I believe that they will get enough treasonous Republicans to join in their efforts. Some will be the so-called moderates, but more damaging will be the neoconservatives who, on the pretense of "striking a bargain to do the least harm," i.e., perhaps a combination of no more private sales and a "reasonable" limit to magazine capacity -- will bend over and provide the Emperor the jar(s) of Vaseline. And, even more unfortunate, I suspect the NRA will bend over and spread their cheeks in partial compliance since "it's a bipartisan agreement."

The neocons -- e.g., Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, McCain, Graham, etc. -- want a carefully controlled, fully compliant society just as much as their progressive bretheran. The only difference is that they want their version of Platonic philosopher kings rather than the progressive brand calling the shots. That's why they loved ripping other civil rights from us earlier -- i.e., the (un)Patriot Act, NDAA.

Bottom line, don't count on the Republicans (and most likely the NRA) to stand firm against new weapons bans/restrictions. The only thing those jackals fear is not being reelected and/or losing their seat at the table of power -- they'll bitch, moan and groan just enough to sell a bill of goods to the gullible that they "fought the good fight" for the citizens, all the while working behind the scenes to gain more governmental control so that it will be available to them if/when they regain the reigns of power.

When you have the boot of tyranny on your neck, it doesn't matter whether it's a "right or left"'s just plain and simple tyranny.

indyjonesouthere said...

At least Lugar of Indiana is no longer available as a gun baning rino. If Coats chooses to vote like Lugar he won't last but one term.

Jeffrey Quick said...

Yes, "Gun sanity meeds bipartisanship". It needs blue-dog Democrats to vote for gun rights with the sane Republicans. Not folks like Dan "Red" Coats.

How come Democrats are always on the wrong side of civil rights issues?

Levon Spradlin said...

Saying that a civilian grade AR-15 is a military-style assault weapon is like saying that your Ford Taurus is a NASCAR racer because you put a spoiler or exhaust on it.