Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Assault Weapons" available for immediate delivery.

Tactical Assault Rock from CroMagnum Arms International(CAI)


Anonymous said...

A little praxis, Fox holes save lives! A foxhole with overhead cover makes you invisable to FLIR, stops fragments from inderect fire, protects you from derect fire.With crawl trenches they allow you to; bring up ammo, move between positions, get out the dead and wounded.And do it under cover. Foxholes allow you to establish fields of fire and fire lanes. Overhead cover is the ONLY way to NDP without being Ammbushed in your sleep and killed.(look up the 29th infantry in Normady). Above all Foxhole allow you to keep men (and women) wiht only moderate training in the field ,with egnough faith in themselves and there comrads to KEEP FIGHTING. In WW2 every combat infantry man dug his hole EVERY DAY and unless you are a 25 year old SF vet. so should you.

Black Rifle said...


Anonymous said...


Awesome, especially the Q&A's at the end of the Advertisment!

Edwin III

Anonymous said... Mike, More Praxis. I can't vouch for the veracity of this,but i thought you or some of the other people on this site,might be interested in looking into this company and it's product's.

Apparently they make suits and gear that make it harder for "FLIR" and infra red and facial recognition equipment to detect it's wearer's.

Allen said...

I told my senator that if she was going to continue to use the term "assault weapons" I was going to call my volvo station wagon an "armored personnel carrier".

it's just as valid a description, right?

I love picking up my neice, and telling the school to look for the blue APC outside. it's like keystone cops, with SWAT teams searching the parking lot and everything.

Trinity said...

Re: Fox holes...

I spent over 20 years involved in military and/or paramilitary operations. The last place I want to be trapped is in a hole restricting my ability to adapt to a given situation. Based on my real life experiences fox holes are good only for laying an ambush. Once you're isolated in a fixed position, especially a relatively small one like a fox hole, one man can keep a large platoon pinned down -- or pick them off one by one -- almost indefinitely.

Trench warfare pretty much died off in the Korean War...thankfully. There are other much more viable options available for FLIR avoidance which don't restrict your position to an isolated, identifiable hole in the ground.

Ed said...

The current flu epidemic will kill more than children than those that died in Newtowne, Connecticut.

The current flu epidemic will kill more adults than those that will die by rifle fire this year.

There is only one flu vaccine dose available for every three residents of the United States. Why is our government so uncaring and negligent in this matter. Is this death rate acceptable to them? Where is the annual, timely, mass vaccination of the population before these epidemics kill so many each year? The current flu vaccine has been available since early September, yet so many will die and countless more will suffer miserably for a week or three from a disease whose vaccine has a 62% success rate. Where are the priorities amidst the political grandstanding?