Friday, January 4, 2013

Another country heard from . . . Refreshing honesty from collectivist citizen disarmamnet lobby.

A Forbes editorial: "The Only Way To Disarm Is To Disarm." Good luck with that. Besides, it is bad for business don't you know?


Jim Klein said...

Great link; thanks. It's nice to see that humor is alive and well, even in these times---"What is the distinction between machine guns and semi-automatic weapons?" That ain't a knee-slapper?

Meanwhile, anyone who thinks their self-defense, which means life itself, is subject to legislation, are themselves being comedic IMO. Besides being blatantly illegal in this country, the very thought is sort of a joke. There's no "issue" here; there's only noise.

Anonymous said...

I think I was able to this geolocate this Zirin character from his twitter account. He either lives or works from East 76th Street and York Avenue in Manhattan.