Tuesday, January 8, 2013

America's Coming Gun War

Just as East Berliners, before the Wall was built, voted with their feet, fleeing west, Americans are voting with their checkbooks, paying hundreds and thousands of dollars to buy the guns liberals loathe.


Unarmed But Still Deadly said...

I do not own a gun but I will aid and support good and decent Americans who do. That includes making a hood ornament out of any body who tries to destroy the tranquility and security of this township which has only been made possible because most of my neighbors own guns.

Robert Fowler said...

Unarmed But Still Deadly,

I bet a neighbor or two would lone you a little something to help out with.

Joe Kidd said...

“This isn’t a society stocking up on certain guns because they fear they may be banned. This is a society preparing for war.” ~Bob Owens
Source for quote: Something funny happened on the way to tyranny

Anonymous said...

Unarmed (etc),
Thank you. You have the right attitude.
The only weapon is the mind. Everything else is a tool.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Unarmed is far from useless even if no firearm is ever used by this person.

Look up For Greater Glory and watch it. It is the only movie I know of that does not focus just on fighters. It focuses on political wings, financial fund raisers, and people committed to resupply and safe houses.

All those people will be immensely important. Without them we will have no safe harbors or resupply. It takes more then just gunslingers to win.


Gunny G said...

I've ordered stuff and it went STRAIGHT to back order! In a few words, "GET READY TO RUMBLE."

Anonymous said...

You should vote with your feet too, and get out.

Skip said...

Hey, I wanted to shoot trap next Sunday and there is not a 12ga,11/8oz,71/2 load within fifty miles.
What in the hell is everyone hoarding?
Bird shot??
If you need to shoot something to eat, shoot a Dem.

e.c.c. said...

I just wanted to pass this along...

Gun Appreciation Day


I hope there's a huge turnout...

Paul X said...

Since a war looks to be coming, it is time to mend fences with potential allies. See my article here (written for an anarchist audience):


e.c.c. said...

Call To Action: March on State Capitals, 19 Jan,2013


e.c.c. said...

I made a mistake on the url in my previous post... This is the correct one.