Monday, December 10, 2012

Ya just gotta love Kurt Hofmann: "If ammo needs a 'sporting purpose,' slaying aspiring tyrants must be a 'sport'."

Works for me.
The far more fundamental problem is the abomination of that agency being empowered to ban or permit guns and ammunition on the basis of "sporting purposes" in the first place--an idea borrowed from a particularly distasteful source. The Founding Fathers did not devote ten percent of the Bill of Rights to the protection of the right to keep and bear sporting goods.
If killing would-be tyrants and their hired muscle is a "sport," shouldn't we CSGV-designated "insurrectionists" have some hot cheerleaders prancing around us?
Now THERE'S a sporting purpose. German General Anton Dostler executed on 1 December 1945 for carrying out an illegal order in the killing of Allied POWs. In his defense, Dostler maintained that he had not issued the order, but had only passed along an order to subordinates from supreme command.


Anonymous said...

Guns are for hunting tyrants and commies and bears, oh my.

Anonymous said...

I have watched the video of Dostler's execution several times. To his credit, he walked up to that post like he was walking up to get a haircut...

The 30.06 rounds certaily did their job. Good marksmanship from the squad. AMAZED at what the wood chips did to hime from behind.