Monday, December 10, 2012

Let It Burn

LA Riots, 1991.
What Does Let It Burn Mean?
We should be working on building our own local resilient communities and making our own logistics and defense arrangements. If you don't live where you can do that, get thee hence to someplace you can. This is not going to end well.
Got militia?

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Freedom First 1775 said...

"The sooner it burns, the sooner we can try and rebuild."

My thoughts exactly. There comes a time when a house is on fire that you have to step back and let it burn. You'll get people hurt if you try to save it and after all, it's just a building.

This nation was never intended to last forever. It's called an experiment because it is. So, now the experiment has ground to a halt and we clearly see the results. It's time to clean up, see what we learned and then start over.

We Patriots need to discuss what comes "after" .gov. With no plan in place there is a good chance of chaos and no future for our kids. Thinking men were discussing their ideas long before April 1775. We need to emulate that.

Thanks Mike. Our prayers to you and all Patriots in these dark days.