Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Woes of an American Drone Operator

Behind the scenes with the "decapitators."


Mt Top Patriot said...

Waco rules by remote control.

Hey, what about that oath these people took?

What are they going to do when it is a kid in the cross hairs on a farm in Tennessee?

I'm saying, a child is a child no matter the culture.

Where does this all end?

If this regime today, (and past suspects involved in previous mass murdering like at Waco and Oklahoma, involved again today), running this republic has no accountability for all those deaths in Mexico and Libya, no compunction to kill with abandon in order to justify the means of advancing their agenda, whats a few bare foot farm kids on family farms in the USofA to them?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I can't really believe much of the article: He wanted to be an investigative journalist? He racked up thousands in debt his first semester in school? Now out of the AF his girl dumped him and he drives through town wearing dark glasses and Palestinian jihad kafiya?
How can I judge this guy, his actions or the drone strikes when I can't even believe the words on the screen?
This sounds like a "progressive" I met at a dinner party who told me her "Ranger boyfriend" was leaving the military because he was ordered to murder women and children in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

When widespread resistance breaks out in this country drones will be the tip of the government's spear. They are extremely difficult to detect or disable when in flight and they can carry far more firepower than a conventional SWAT team or Special Forces ODA and at lower risk. The elites and their auxiliaries will withdraw to fortified compounds and selected cities and rain death from afar. Removing drone installations will become a top priority for the resistance, whatever form it should take. I expect to see so-called targeted killings (read: unpunished acts of first degree murder) within the next five years here in America.

In response to Mt Top Patriot: "bare foot farm kids" mean nothing to them. The majority of our troops come from rural or semi-rural areas. They're being trained, outfitted and prepared to lay waste to their own homes yet most of them don't even realize it. Civil War is coming. I can't say when but it is coming and its brutality will be unimaginable.

Anonymous said...

It's Der Speigel, a German (Leftist?) newspaper. To be consumed sparingly with a 50 lb grain of salt.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Those people, Der Spiegel and USAF drone operators, are really sick fucks, alike. Death from afar?

What the hell kind of demons have we allowed to run our lives?

This is unthinkable in real life!

Time to storm the trailers on Nellis AFB and put every one of them to the knife.

-JR Mayfield III

God help us.