Monday, December 17, 2012

The experts at the National Broadcasters of Communism offer Obama some expert advice.

NBC News to Obama: How to Beat 2nd Amendment Advocates


Anonymous said...

Here's my advice:

We stop dying the death of 1000 paper cuts and go all in.

Let's ignore ANY new gun law and make the bastards in DC tell the truth. They want ALL guns passing them down to the grand kids, no grandfathering of banned features; total confiscation.

Let them pass it......and we'll either find out if Americans still wish to be free or if we'll cower and turn in our weapons.

None of us are getting any younger and I'm sick and tired of people saying to non-gun owners or Elmer Fudds that they'd better get their mags and ARs now "while they still can". What about our future generations? Or, are we SO SELFISH we only care about our own freedom and ability to resist tyrannical government with military patterned equipment?

Thomas Paine said, "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may know peace."

In this day and this statement no longer true?


Anonymous said...

I tried calling Feinstine's office and posing as a friendly activist to get a copy of their draft bill. No such luck, so who knows what's really in it.

However, for now I want to offer the following speculation to see what other think:

Yesterday, her statement was that this new AWB was updated and had 900 specific models of guns that were exempt from the bill.

My guess is that this means that the bill is a ban on ALL Semi-Automatic weapons, and that this list includes such weapons as Ruger 10-22 and various expensive semi-auto hunting rifles that don't look scary to Diane. Who knows if any pistols are exempt or if she just wants us to go to using revolvers.

If this is the case, there is probably a clause that allows the Atty. General to add and remove weapons to the exemption list via "sporting purposes." Unfortunately, this may be something that they use to convince republicans to vote for it because they will think they can expand the exemptions this way rather than seeing how this will be used to choke out rights one by one if we give in and allow this to pass unopposed.

This sound about right, or does anyone think this attempt will be more subtle?

Meister said...

So much for the impartial Media. What a farce. These jokers are attempting to rewrite history to help a socialist gain control of our country. we're doomed.

SWIFT said...

We're getting what 51% of the American people voted for in November. The Democrats had the MSM in their front pocket, so by extension, they are now policy advisors. This latest assault on gun rights is only the beginning. As most people on this board know, the whole commie agenda is coming to town, fully supported by the praetorian guard. A fight is coming. We'll either man up, or be like the Aussies. Fence sitters will be required to move left or right and damn soon.

Matt said...

Interesting thing about the media - I was watching ABC briefly this morning before leaving for work (4 AM), and while talking about the shooting, one of the talking heads said something to this effect:
"It is estimated that currently over 200 million firearms are privately owned in the U.S., so gun control is kind of a moot point. That genie is already way, way out of the bottle."

Anonymous said...

Bill the shill on Faux just said again tonight that there is NO reason that the average Joe to have an AK15, and he knows what that the Founders meant for us to defend ourselves. Glad to know that someone so knowledgable has such great airtime to help the cause Liberty. AK15 hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

NBC is short one in Syria. One of their aces is missing:

Anonymous said...

"...Meister said...
So much for the impartial Media. What a farce... ...we're doomed..."
Speak for yourself- I've not yet turned in any of my guns and have no intentions of doing so. Of course, YMMV.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but I am with Sean here. The Left has proven over and over that they are terrified of violence pointed their way.
Maybe it will soon be time to become "militants" that demand to be included in the "political dialog" (as they describe every insane shining path or jihad bunch they roll over for).
Is the Constitution still in effect or not?

Anonymous said...

"SWIFT", massive voter Fraud is what put Obama in! The numbers don't even come close to making any sense.

WE are supposed to believe that the approximately 90 million Firearms owner's with over 300 million Firearms,voted to re-elect Obama right after he said in one of the last debates ( Paraphrasing ) "That he wanted to Ban Assault Weapon's"? They gotta be BLEEPIN us! Not only that with the abismal economy and the crushing of our Individual Liberties and Freedom's? Look at the beyond record numbers of people buying even more Firearms. That ought to tell everyone we are still the Majority.

Hefferman said...

When they vote, for this. It will mean war, as far as I am concerned.
This is a God Given Inalienable Right, they have no ability to limit it in anyway.

They are trying to take my rights, that means we are at war.

Robert Fowler said...

We should also be stocking up on rope. Hemp neckties may be the coming thing for the usurpers.