Saturday, December 15, 2012

The American Gestapo Cometh.

Attorney General Secretly Granted Gov. Ability to Develop and Store Dossiers on Innocent Americans
In a secret government agreement granted without approval or debate from lawmakers, the U.S. attorney general recently gave the National Counterterrorism Center sweeping new powers to store dossiers on U.S. citizens, even if they are not suspected of a crime, according to a news report.
Earlier this year, Attorney General Eric Holder granted the center the ability to copy entire government databases holding information on flight records, casino-employee lists, the names of Americans hosting foreign-exchange students and other data, and to store it for up to five years, even without suspicion that someone in the database has committed a crime, according to the Wall Street Journal, which broke the story.
Whereas previously the law prohibited the center from storing data compilations on U.S. citizens unless they were suspected of terrorist activity or were relevant to an ongoing terrorism investigation, the new powers give the center the ability to not only collect and store vast databases of information but also to trawl through and analyze it for suspicious patterns of behavior in order to uncover activity that could launch an investigation.
The changes granted by Holder would also allow databases containing information about U.S. citizens to be shared with foreign governments for their own analysis.


Trinity said...

As if the fed and local police weren't already involved in dossier building. By "leaking" that it was now being considered as necessary for "national security" interests, all they are doing is acknowledging the obvious. Plus, they may receive some small additional benefit by dampening the actions and advocations of people who naively thought it wasn't already happening and beginning now will withdraw from making their opinions public or attending "controversial" events in an effort to stay under the radar now that this "revelation" has become public.

Yank lll said...

If this isnt TREASON against the American people I dont know what is.

This slob should be arrested by US Marshals and charged.

Considering the caliber of the leadership of the DOJ I am just slightly surprised that some of the remaining honorable people havent quit in protest.
It shows the sorry level of criminality our government has turned to in an effort to force compliance with laws even they know are illegal.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

That is truly a TWO WAY STREET. The Gov can keep dossiers on US Citizens, and Patriotic Citizens can AND DO keep RANGE CARDS on members of Gov who are into TREASON.I guess it is just a matter of time for the Gov to cross the line for them to find out the hard way about PAYBACK.

Anonymous said...

Don't defame the Wehrmacht Heer--that's an army general's uniform picture you've added Holder's head to, not Gestapo, SS, SD, or any of the other Nazi police state organizations... Danke!