Monday, December 3, 2012

"Stupid is as stupid does."

Mrs. Gump is right again.
Police Evacuate Louisiana Town After Finding Six Million Pounds Of Illegally Stored Explosives


pdxr13 said...

This wasn't really all that dangerous to the town, sitting on a 15,000 acre site. It's nowhere near as dangerous as a case of sweaty old dynamite stashed in a chicken coop 40' from a house, or a big propane tank farm. Stupid, yes, but stupid to leave valuable propellant outside where it can decay or all catch fire together.

ps. Guncotton is a really nice fertilizer, if plowed into the soil.



SWIFT said...

Drama Queens.

William Flatt said...

So next time something gets blown up, be sure to link back to this and say; "THIS TIME DON'T BLAME THE MILITIA!"

On that note... Is it possible, given the completely insecure manner which this stuff was 'stored', that this might be advance "plausible deniability" for the next time the feds get caught doing something.. Like the OKC bombing, when ATF had illegally stored high explosives in the basement under the day care center?

This could be Obama's new F&F for propellant, too. Absent an inventory to determine how much, if any, is missing - we may never know if a portion of this has been diverted for some covert purpose. Storing it outside unsecured is a good way to eventually ruin it like pdxr13 said, but it's also a great way to allow it to be diverted to other users.

I'd hate to see what 100,000 lbs of this in a steel container could do...